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What is a Chicken Tenderloin?

So exactly what is a chicken tenderloin anyway? The first thing you need to know about chicken tenderloins is that there is a difference between a tender and a tenderloin. A tenderloin is a specific part of the chicken breast. While a tender while generally white meat cut from the breast it could be any part of the chicken breast itself.

If you have ever eaten a bone in chicken breast I am sure you have seen the semi-circular piece of meat at the bottom of the breast. It separates easily from the other meat, retains it’s shape and stays attached to the breastplate. That is the chicken tenderloin. Typically you will not find the tenderloin attached to a boneless skinless chicken breast, it is removed and sold separately at a premium price.

Why is it called a tenderloin?

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Weber Grill Grate Cleaner Review

Our Weber grill grate cleaner came about after seeing how dirty our kettle grills grates were. Typically I would use an oven cleaner on the stainless steel then I thought that this would make a nice follow up article to our review of the Weber exterior grill cleaner. That and I found it on sale. You can find Weber grill cleaning products just about anywhere Weber products are sold.

The Instructions on this are pretty straight forward: Liberally apply to your grill’s cool cooking grates and other areas soiled with grease. Allow cleaner to penetrate the grease for approximately one minute. Remove heavy buildup and grime with Weber Grate Grill Scrubber or Weber Grill Brush. Wipe clean with a wet paper towel. Repeat as necessary. Always turn nozzle to “OFF” position before storing.

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Expired 20 Pound Propane Tank

So you go to fill up your propane tank and they tell you that it has expired, what’s up with that? Well thanks to our federal government propane tanks do actually expire every 12 years and some tanks even have a warning about it stamped on the upper ring. They cite safety reasons for this law. So how do you handle an expired propane tank?

How to know that your tank has expired:  All recently manufactured 20 pound propane tanks have a date stamp on the top ring, (see image above) this is when the tank was made. If you add 12 years to that date that would be the expiration date. In the case of our tank pictured above the date is 02/2014 so the expiration date is 02/2026.