It's the first thing that my father wrote.

Guido has to do that.

The situation is worse than we believed.

His plan leaves much to be desired.

He's got an uncle who works in a bank.

The man combs his dog with a brush.


Those cunning bastards!

My breakfast cereal was crunchy until I added the milk.

Jakob told me later that he wasn't really married.


I heard Sergiu yelling at Alex.

Do you need something to drink?

I am happy.


As the river become broader, the current moved slowly.


She's self-employed.


She has a piano lesson once a week.

I cut my finger with a knife.

What's worrying you, Micah?


In 1986, four and one-half years after visiting Saturn, Voyager 2 made the first close-up survey of Uranus.

I wonder if I should trust my instincts.

Her skirt is totally out of fashion.

Stop sticking your nose into other people's business.

The snowstorm continued.


Why do you want to be a nurse?

She's a lucky girl.

He handles horses well.

Wait over there.

Does the color really matter?

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I'd do any damn thing for you.


Please tell Laurie to leave.


Jim acted very strangely all day.

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Cynthia went into the woods.

The river runs through the town.

We didn't have much trouble.

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A devastating typhoon has struck the Philippines.

Olivier happened to meet Earle at the supermarket.

Yesterday Cliff stayed home all day.

The more you study, the more you discover your ignorance.

Edwin told me that he does thirty push-ups every morning.

The police told us the bridge was out.

Hey, what are you guys talking about?

They're who broke the window yesterday.

Oskar died from electrocution.


He sent his son out to get the newspaper.


My daughter will come of age this year.


Saify might understand French.


I suggest you take this a little more seriously.

The zombies were closing in.

He advocates reform in university education.

How many brothers do you have? How many sisters do you have?

Parties bore me.

Professor Hudson is my father's friend.

I ate too much.


Our plane took off from Narita two hours late, so we missed our flight in Hong Kong.

As it began to rain, I ran into my house.

Saad and Cristopher got married the week after they graduated from college.

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For over a year the bottle drifted about, now north, now south, as the ocean's currents drove it.


I'm not powerless.


Don't run.


Norbert ripped up the letter.


Mark doesn't really like Italian food so much.

We were just having fun.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this.

I want you to come with me.

Would you excuse me a second?

What were we afraid of?

I never drink unless there's a big event of some kind.


I don't want them to come.

I'm not used to drinking tap water.

That is somewhat explained at the end.

I am married and I have two sons.

Dieter can be very dangerous.

The Rotes Rathaus is the town hall of Berlin.

Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?

Do you still think you have a chance?

It's really hard to understand you.

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If you want us to help, just ask.

"Do you know the smell of death", asked John, shoving his fist under my nose.

Does he have a dog?


You don't have to sing.

This is totally worthless.

It was not clear whether they had accomplished it or not.


She dressed like an actress.

The two families live under one roof.

Let's not repeat the same mistakes we made before.

That's just what the doctor ordered.

That was a figure of speech.

The past is the past. There's nothing you can do about it.

I'd rather not talk about it.

Has James ever written a letter in French?

Sergei will like this.

Does Simon really want me do this?

Lars says he's decided to give it a try.


When ice melts, it becomes water.

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Do you really think that it's bad?

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Dan had that sinister feeling that something was wrong.

Despite Hebrew being considered a dead language one hundred and fifty years ago, today eight million people speak it as their mother tongue.

Don't do anything foolhardy like deciding to go with Reiner.

Bryan and I used to work for Root.

I chickened out.

Cook the rice.

You ought to try it sometime.

I miss you, too.

I wish I hadn't gotten married so young.

James isn't going to change.

I remember the first time.


Are you too busy to drop me a line?


Many little red birds always sing merrily in the trees.


You shouldn't answer your mother back like that when she scolds you.

Speaking your native language is easy, yet boring.

Who's playing hockey tonight?

How's the weather there?

No investigation is required.

She does not take a rest for an instant.

I was forced to sell my car.

You promise?

The guitar is in tune.

Ilya told me he likes going to concerts.

Everybody, just go home.

It grew larger and larger.

Don't look back on your past.

She has kept a diary for 3 years.

Where do we go after our death?


No casualties were reported.

We haven't decided where to take a rest.

The path led to the village.


It's my secret garden.


I've got a cake in the oven.

If you move a step, and you will be a dead man.

Certainly, I like playing cards.

He got up early so as to be in time for the train.

Mayday, mayday!

That plan didn't agree with his way of thinking.

Except for Bill, they were all in time.

I'm wishing for that.

She believed Agatha.

Who can speak both Chinese and Japanese?

What do you think of his gay friend?

The sauce got burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pan.

This is a dog that resembles a horse.


Some say society should be corrected first, but that is to put the cart before the horse.

Do you love that man there?

We're still alive.


Its flower is beautiful, but it bears no fruit.

Lindsay was wearing a white lab coat.

This problem is something we can't ignore.

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Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

Fix the watch.

His name sounds familiar.

Hugh said that he's sorry.

Warm human relations were fostered.

Prices are going to rise still further.

You must have made quite an impression on him.

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I've got something in my bag that I need to give you.

She reads a newspaper every morning.

I wonder who bought the cake.

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Don't let him shut this door.

Vassos made a useful suggestion.

We hoped for a miracle.

I've lost even my cell phone!

It's too late now, Lusya!