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Marina 102818

4 runs AM

5 runs PM. Camera missed run 4 in the afternoon.


AM Runs - Notes

55.527 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the left. Tires at 36/38. Did ok but lots of places to gain speed. Pretty good between 3-4. More gas @2 into slalom. More gas into 4 before hairpin. 

54.695 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the left. Was more intense but sloppier. Be cleaner into 4 and 6. Focus on braking at 6. Lost .5 second at finish

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Building Address Project
Given a CSV file and a matching content type, here's how we get the data migrated into Drupal.
The following modules will be required:
Migrate, Migrate Plus, Migrate Source CSV, Migrate Tools, Migrate Drupal UI
Note that in this example we will import latitude, longitude into a geofield.
I had some drush migrate-import errors and needed to work with composer to get he latest dev version installed for Migrate Tools.


There are at least two methods to get this done. Here's the method I used and below is the outline of a method I found in the book Mastering Drupal 8.

AutoX Driving Notes - 052618

Very cold and windy all day at Marina

What Worked

  • Drove with PSM off on all runs
  • Found a sweet spot for tires at 40/42
  • Pretty good course read; didn't get lost
  • Better starts overall
  • Dropped times both morning and afternoon
  • Used the width of the course
  • Slalom was pretty good with concious "turn early"
  • Down jacket and ski hat


What Didn't Work


For the project, /building-addresses.ucsc.edu, I decided to combine a few training opportunities for myself into an easier to support system. As I prepare to retire, I'm going back to production systems and getting them off AngularJS/MongoDB and into Drupal which will make for easier maintenance and longer life span.

The Greenhouse

At some point in our home remodeling project, we were about to lose our concrete guy due to weather. It was a El Nino year, so of course we were grading and pouring during the winter! 
So we got a thought. Instead of losing our concrete guys, maybe we should expand our scope. So we had them grade what was already a pretty flat and unused section of side yard and pour a 20x20 pad. We figured at some point we'd install a greenhouse.

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As I get into more photography, I started thining about how to get some shots up on this site. Years ago I had followed a tutorial to do simple Flexslider slide shows. 

This time, I wanted to have a thumbnail navigation as well. I found a great series of videos on YouTube on 336-956-2706. I took his basic approach of using a block for the slideshow and a block for the carousel thumbnail and modified it to use a views attachment. This article serves as my notes to self.


As part of the exterior remodeling, we added 2 tanks to the house to capture water for yard use. We get our water from the stockholders membership, but we’re on wells that can run low during drought.

Our approach was to drop in a flat 2000 gal tank under the deck as the primary source. We fill this tank with the downspouts from about 1/4 of our roof. It only takes 1-2 rains to fill this tank up.

200 Gallon Tank