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1 vCPU
2048MB RAM
50GB Disk Space
100GB Traffic
XenServer HVM
Virtualizor CP



2 vCPU
4096MB RAM
75GB Disk Space
200GB Traffic
XenServer HVM
Virtualizor CP



4 vCPU
8192MB RAM
100GB Disk Space
400GB Traffic
XenServer HVM
Virtualizor CP
All prices are including 21% VAT

What can you expect from us?

We are a Dutch IT company providing different kind of services to our customers. We deliver high quality websites and are strong in automating business processes. To deliver a complete package to our customers we also provide them with performance hosting close to their location. Since we are based in Groningen we have our own servers in the datacenter situated in Groningen: TCN Datahotel.

From time to time we have space unutilized on our servers and we are willing to rent this space to other unmanaged customers. We believe that there is too much computing power left unused in the world. This costs power and therefore hurts the environment. With this initiative we try to compensate this by renting out this space for lower prices.

TCN Datahotel Groningen
1Gbit Uplink

All of our servers are connected to a 1Gbit uplink with guaranteed bandwidth. This is why we can assure our customers a stable connection. Between our VPS hypervisors and the fileservers are connections available of up to 10Gbit.

With multiple backbone connections the TCN Datahotel provides a reliable uplink to all servers. The server link is completely redundant, even when a switch in the same rack as the hypervisor fails, another switch is ready to keep the connection online.

We do however not want to hurt our existing customers with this service. This is why we will lower the priority of your VPS on disk performance. You can expect to get performance results like shown on the screenshot.

HDD Performance

What latency can you expect from around the world?

Latency Map
This map is provided by MapLatency.com


For support or any other question you can contact us using: info@sparevps.com.

Company Information

SpareVPS.com is a brand of Astonic B.V.
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Hoendiep 1019
9718TG Groningen
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 64131734
BTW Identification: NL855534977B01