Can somebody get her a drink?

Stewart pulled the door closed and locked it.

I knew this was a mistake.

That was a serious mistake.


He would serve a number of years.


The money was put into a special fund to buy books for the school library.

I'm going to wait here for Norma.

Unfortunately, there isn't any yakitori in our city.

The dog is often called 'man's best friend.'

Tracy said he wanted to call his lawyer.


Swamy made us lunch.

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I thought I heard something.

It's a terrible shame that fools are so self-confident and the wise are full of doubt.

Where can you find a defibrillator?

I'm sorry I've lost my watch.

When it comes to mathematics, he is second to none in his class.

Isabelle made some scrambled eggs.

All the other kids do it.

Either be as you seem or seem as you are.

Have some tea.

Either of them is satisfactory to me.

Jeremy has his kid with him.

He did it not once, but twice.

That's a fairly reasonable price.

Now we see the interior of the castle.

They go skiing at Nozawa every winter.

Bernie continued digging.

Marlena is always full of ideas.

'We have driven fast!' said she, 'but no one likes to be frozen; creep under my bear-skin,' and she seated him in the sledge by her side, and spread her cloak around him.

Japan is made up of volcanic islands.

I slept a lot.

The problems of air and water pollution will be intensified by the growth of inhabitants.

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Please get out of here immediately.

I think we've had enough to eat.

The police dispersed the crowd.

I guess Margot isn't at home.

I am very ugly.


Health advocates have pushed for laws restricting work-place smoking.

We went to the same high school.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


His opinions are in accord with ours.


People don't know how to drive in this town.

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They presented a laundry list of arguments about how he is trying to fool consumers.

I haven't eaten since breakfast. I'm hungry.

Irving sent his son to bed without dinner.

His face was full of hate.

Why does Daniel always seem to like doing things that make other people angry?

Being wrong in what you are is easiest.

Japan is a country that is completely surrounded by oceans.

Isabelle asked Sumitro to give him some money.

She came back disappointed.


Newscasters blink a lot.


Lucy fired Jayesh.


We don't have any concerns.

I hear you know how to speak French.

She will follow you.


Somehow you must find a way to finish this work in one month.

Eva has no idea what to do with all the junk in his garage.

There are very few websites in native Tartar online.

I suppose I could wait a little longer.

Dengue is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

It's a very good question.

Why is Audrey in such high spirits today?

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You're not preparing to leave, are you?

I'm not coming to the pool this afternoon because I have a cold and a cough.

Taking an aspirin a day can be bad for you.


There are a bunch of kids playing on the street just outside my window.

The sky is a hazy shade of winter.

Kiev is the mother of Russian cities.

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I really don't want anything to eat right now.

You should've left while you had the chance.

I thought it was incredible.


I think everything's fine.


We've been living here since January.


I'm sorry, I don't speak Hungarian.


I haven't eaten anything in the past three days.

She had never dreamed of meeting him abroad.

Let me read it.

She was the first one to help him.

Computers can give us facts, but they can't give us experience.


Nebraska is on the plains.

You don't have a clue.

I paid for the drinks.

Who manages this department?

It's not easy to control the languages that you can speak!

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Edwin's only living relative is an uncle living in Boston.

I wasn't feeling well.

There is a bad smell in the meeting room.

The temperature of an object in space, such as the Space Station, an astronaut working out in space, or even larger objects like the Moon or Earth, changes when the Sun shines on them.

Give me liberty or give me death.


He drew a straight line with his pencil.


Which airport do I leave from?

Pia has lost interest in studying French.

A true gentleman would not betray his friends.

Memorize this.

They brought dinner.

Wouldn't that be redundant?

I hear from her once in a while.

Children like to explore. This can be dangerous.

Cyrus has a beard.

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She wore a red scarf around her neck.


When was the last time Rudolph came here?


She laid hands on her own child.

I'm bluffing.

You're going about it in the wrong way.


They don't know anything about you.

Do you really believe ghosts exist?

Tell her we're on our way.

We'll come with you.

That's probably not so.

I'm glad I listened to you.

We need to take that chance.

How did you get hurt so badly?

Leila hasn't yet moved out of his apartment.

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Hey, what are you guys looking at?


I could've told you that was going to happen.

A lot of bicycles are illegally parked in front of the station.

Eduardo said Alfred went to a divorce lawyer.


We're back to square one.

The horse was also valuable.

There was a slight chill in the air.

Have you guys seen my glasses? I can't find them.

I think only time will tell.

He listened to music in his own room.

My battery is almost dead.

Elsa wants to meet Kenton again.

Hy shredded the lettuce.

The number of tourists has increased greatly in recent years.

If you want to be alone, I'll leave.

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Pia didn't break it.


It didn't hurt at all.


Brevity is the soul of wit.

I'm not a creature of habit.

I didn't see you coming.

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That's the choice I made.


He drank a cup of tea and then asked for another.


Go to your room and think about what you did.

Great thanks for a lovely night.

He didn't allow me to pay the bill for the dinner.

I'm watching them.

That was a vile thing to do.

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I think you'd agree.

I want this letter registered.

Did you read the book I gave you?

There are a lot of expressions used by English people.

I love Shuvra.


I thought I'd better go.

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He is not being careful.


A savage tribe lived there in those days.


What do you like about us?


Today's meeting has been cancelled.


Many dog owners only feed their dogs once a day.


Let's keep beautiful nature around us.

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Okay, I give up.