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Remodel Free is a revolutionary service that gives home sellers and realtors the freedom to have a house they are getting ready to sell be remodeled with no money out of their pocket until the property sells.


Begin Your Home Improvement Project in Fairfax, VA

  • Our system is a simple win-win opportunity. We’re going to remodel your home, apartment, townhouse or condominium with no money upfront.
  • Homeowners love us because we make their home the “best in show” and get them more money and a much quicker sale.
  • Realtors love us because by using Remodel Free it gives them a quick and easy sale plus more money in their pocket.
  • We remodel any house, in any condition **
  • We know of no other remodelers that offer this service!
  • We get paid at closing, directly from the title company that prepares the paperwork as well as the transfer of funds.
  • Remodel Free, LLC. is locally owned and operated.

We can also provide you with more specialized services

  • We cover all costs of repairs
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Remodeling
  • Staging
  • Junk removal
  • Hoarding help
  • Take all good items for donation and provide the donation receipt to the owner or executor of the home or estate
  • Any other cost associated with the sell of the property

Our Core Value


We are the first and only remodeling contractors on the planet, who bring so much value to a homeowners property, for no money upfront. We have taken the companies that buy As-Is properties, out of the real estate business. We want you to make the money, not some "flipper" who wants to buy a cheap As-Is property. We give you the express home remodeling experience, by utilizing our large material suppliers and huge renovation crew. We're all about value and making you the most on the sale of your home, quickly. Call Remodel Free, Llc. and find out how much value we can add to your home, for no upfront.


Great Services

Our unique remodeling service with its "no upfront cost remodeling," makes us the perfect company for people selling their homes, that are short on cash or just want the ease of getting the whole house remodeled and repaired, without raising a finger or opening your wallet.

Highest Standards

Our standards are the highest in the renovation industry. Our custom kitchens are built with top quality wood and craftsmanship. In fact, we make it a point, to make your house the best in the neighborhood, for less and faster, than the competition.

Professional Team

Our team of licensed and professional Class A contractors, will quickly repair and renovate your home, kitchen or bathroom, with precision and perfection. Let us take your home and make it a "Top Shelf Property."

Creative Solutions

Need a clever solution to a huge problem? We handle all sorts of remodeling situations, since every home is different. We work hand in hand with the homeowner and their realtors, to find great and cheap solutions

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