He treated it with utmost care.

Is anybody else planning to go with us?

The negotiations stepped into a crucial phase.

A mouse is running about in the room.

I am leaving for London tomorrow.

You're great at this.


His hard work will make him.

I feel really stupid.

They grow up fast, so there's no telling the age at once.

Remember these rules.

They didn't have any reasons to be angry.

I want you to work with Guillermo.

This order is to be obeyed to the letter.

Is air travel becoming dangerous?

Let's take a break for coffee.

Sorrel spends a lot of time at the office.

He's in desperate need of a haircut.

I don't want to get in your way.

Can I call later today?


The answer to this question is simple.


The policeman said that it looked like a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Ray asked where Ethan lived.

Travis is a househusband.


His whole family is like that.


We're all stupid.

She likes talking best of all.

He is far from happy.

The cadres inspected our school.

It's easy to fall into bad habits.

Liz has offered to walk Kyu home.

She looks pretty, no matter what she wears.

This could become a problem.

To John, Sammy was an ideal singer.


Here's a tomato, that grew while listening to Mozart.


Are you doing anything special for New Year's Eve?

I'm looking forward to visiting your country this winter.

Kee looked at the thermometer.

The plan was altogether spoiled by the rain.

Let's have another drink.

I don't want to play anymore.

I know what you're scheming to do.

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You're going too far.


Are you not tired?

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There's someone I'd like you to meet.

No one has the right to tell me what I can and can't do with my body.

For what it's worth, I don't think you should go.


Well, at least she didn't get wet.


These are dangerous men.

I didn't want to kill her.

An old proverb says that time is money.


You have to see it.

How about putting something on the front or the back?

Joyce used to be a freelance journalist.


Bart canceled his appointment at the last moment.


Her mother was busy cooking dinner.

You have to go back to Boston.

Do you want to see it again?


I went stag to the prom.


Do you want to help us catch Louise's killer?

Did you hear that Fred was dismissed?

Christofer tried to help me make friends.

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The youngest boy dropped behind the other tourists.

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You don't like music.

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I wanted to hear from him.

I'm the only one still in contact with Rodent.

All you have to do is to read this book to pass the entrance examination.

I doubt Simon would be interested in joining the army.

Our factories are working at full capacity.


I'm sorry for criticizing you.


Speaking in English is fun.


Joubert should've been an actor.

The dictionary Sandip usually uses is very large.

Did you order the room to be swept?


Boyce noticed something strange.

She smacked him across the face.

He dreams that everybody in China speaks Esperanto.

Everything has two sides. Fanatics only see one.

To what extent was the report true?

Donn has psychic abilities.

I guess you don't need my help anymore.

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How much have you paid for this computer?

Japan's balance of payments has been running a huge surplus for many years.

Stop running your mouth!

I was unacceptable!

That's an absolutely ridiculous idea.


You keep on making the same mistake time after time.

Aliens prevented a major war on Earth by hidden manipulation.

I'm not letting Amir in.

Everything was going great.

He was promoted three times in one year.


Taiwan was far from being any kind of economic miracle in the 1950s.

What time do you leave home in the morning?

It's such a waste.

I could make her talk.

Lewis doesn't know the difference between an adjective and an adverb.

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We don't want to scare the children away.

I know that tune, but I can't remember the lyrics.

I like Czechoslovakia a lot.

That just sounds stupid.

Yesterday a fire broke out near my house.

Nobody can help us.

I'm not home yet because I didn't take the bus.

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You'll find it difficult to meet her.

It's like pulling teeth to ask the government to change their policy.

It must be done more carefully.

Andrea accused Tim of drinking like a fish.

These articles are exempt from "Droits de douane".

He would like to know whether you play chess.

There are some things you can't learn from books.


Quit finding fault with me!

I want to have a cup of coffee.

Vote for me!

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I love old books.

Who will score the first goal tonight?

I have my doubts about Panzer.

What stuff is this jacket made of?

Troy announced that Curt was missing.

I don't feel like I can trust what he says.

There's no hiding the fact from her.

We needed to be more aggressive.

Ragnar is a detective.


I'm a pro.


As you have insulted him, he is cross with you.


You're perfectly normal.

Blayne couldn't afford a lawyer.

At last, Mario managed to win the princess's love.

Tiefenthal doesn't trust you.

Well, it is a done deal.


This is an excellent site for learning Finnish.

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You only have to try hard.


Is that your boyfriend?

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Let's talk quietly so we don't wake the baby up.

Why do you hide your thoughts?

I have no patience, quick to anger, feel lost, lonely, ugly and old.

It's Chinese to me.

Sergeant drove to the supermarket.

He had his clarinet tuned.

Do you guys know her?

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I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave.

Let's not do that again.

She competes in ski races.


I'm a cat.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

I am feeling sad about it.

He's got a thick beard.

It'll be a masterpiece!

I'm sure you were surprised to hear of my marriage.

I think the following rule is valid for all languages: the more words you put in use, the more polite it sounds.

I have mixed feelings about that.

The new model is featured by higher power and speed.

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I did the whole of the work by myself.


Dr. Ride was committed to promoting science and math education to all learners.

I don't think the police will ever catch Klaus.

We suffered a lot of damage.


Would you like to go to the movies?

Wayne snapped his fingers.

She wrote the word.