Masanobu would see with his own eyes the future he had made.

I just found out that my wife cheated on me.

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Panama is a piker compared to Fifth Avenue.

I don't know everything.

You did lie.

Be careful where you stick the pin.

There might have been a miscalculation.

Dan got angry and stormed out of the dining hall.

I don't think it's good.

If only I could go skiing.

Everybody wants recognition.

He was made to go there.

Saify ignored Kayvan.

When Nicole heard that her favorite singer had died, she burst into tears.

If you know what needs to be done, please go ahead and do it.

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What do you expect us to do?

Ray was willing to corroborate Gary's story, but the police were still unconvinced that either of them were telling the truth.

Marriage is the main cause of divorce.

John left home in a hurry.

My sister has been studying in her room since this morning.

Seenu seems to be doing OK.

These were Stalin's words to the Soviet partisans.

Her father dedicated his life to science.

I don't feel like sitting down.

He is old, but at all events he works well.

Why don't you just let him go?

Dimetry said he didn't think Ross would like his friends.

It's our fault.

Move your finger left or right to see another animal.

I was away from home all through the summer vacation.

Let's get in the truck.

Huey opened the medicine cabinet.


We can use Vladislav's truck.

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When I was twenty two years old, I was the master of the breast stroke.

I can see how you made that mistake.

I suppose that makes sense.

Sabrina always does his best to make Pamela happy.

They made us work all day.


Dan entered the facility through a damaged metal grate.

The cat put its nose in the pot.

It can be repaired.

I definitely want to do that.

Look at what Lorenzo is doing.

Let's try to focus on the big picture first. We can take care of the minutiae later.

I drop off my children at school every morning before going to work.

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Japanese comics have boomed on a large scale.

You had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

I'll begin by asking a question.

The project requires lots of money.

Rudolf is ambidextrous.

We are drilling the roof.

How would you like to join the dance club?

You must bring your passport with you to the bank.

Weapons are forbidden here.

A bumblebee flew out the window.

Do you think Sergiu bought it?

Proficient in English, he is looked on as a good teacher.

Experience counts in this job.


Herb put me on the payroll.

Why was Srivatsan crying?

She was not provided for in his will.


Why are you always shouting?

How lucky! There's nothing broken.

Betsy was from a humble background, but he became one of the richest men in the country.

I call on him every other day.

I received a letter from Leo.

I wish we could do that.

It isn't right.

Thierry has been good.

Is that OK with you?

This is a very tall tree.

Preserves must be stored in a jar with an airtight seal.

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Stevan desperately needs to find a job.


Why are you interested?

They have needs.

Marsh stood in the doorway.

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I didn't get an email from you today.

She seems excited.

We need to buy some time.


Sandip is a kindergarten teacher.

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This happened before.


My grandfather owned a car just like this.

He fails at work.

She gave him a piece of paper.

There were problems.

There was a black jacket on the book.


I don't want you to think I'm crazy.

News stations use helicopters to report on traffic.

She sought forgiveness for her guilty acts.

You said nothing wrong.

Why should I quit?

After a long wait for a response, all the changes were introduced.

Open at page nine.

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Wasn't Rod in Boston with you?

I will make you happy.

They did not have time to search for it.

English doesn't differentiate between the verbs "ser" and "estar".

Sridhar is a wonderful artist.

Fletcher and Briggs were my backup singers back when I used to perform.

I made this kennel by myself.

Human beings, whether they realise it or not, continually seek happiness.

That's not how it is.

I have got higher grades.

There was gunshot residue on Oleg's jacket.

I completely forgot it.

I've been really lonely these past two weeks.

Mental health is as important as physical health.

Is Flight 123 going to be delayed?


I can teach you how to drive.


The three of you are under arrest.


You didn't eat the cake I made; your sister did.

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I regret doing that.

What time do you usually eat lunch?

If I were you, I would wait and see.


When all is said and done, the most precious element in life is wonder.

The cat had scarcely finished speaking when the witch returned to see if the children had fulfilled their tasks.

Were you successful?

Ken probably should be fired.

My father never came back home before 9 or 10.

You must be mad!

The table is red.

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We all see the same thing.

Howard pressed a button on the speakerphone.

Many students like to study in the morning.

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I'd like to ask a favor.


Do you mind me leaving the lights on?

Saify's paralyzed.

Some analysts consider Somalia as the failed state par excellence.


I hope this helps.


Some people laugh at his jokes, but others don't.


That's my call.

Marci and Rolf send their apologies.

The goods were transported by ship.

Are you going to call Miriamne or do you want me to?

We got something for Ramsey.

They gave a series of concerts.

Let's see what else we can find out.

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Do I need any more crazy people?


I wish I could prevent that from happening.

That's all I remember.

I'll alert Olof.


Susanne asked a stupid question.

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After the storm, the road was blocked with fallen trees.

Have at thee, coward!

I will see to it.


God is nature. Don't go against nature.

As the days passed into weeks, even the teacher praised him, for he saw him attentive, hard working, and wide awake, always the first to come in the morning, and the last to leave when school was over.

These words were spoken by someone who shall be nameless.


Do you think she still wants me to stay with her?

I'm sure it was worth it.

It's going to be the best.

I'm not staying.

I wait for the next chapter.

The Administration is also taking steps to protect coastal communities from the impacts of climate change, improve domestic aquaculture, and provide research to better understand the challenges facing our oceans.

It was this skirt that Daryl bought yesterday.


Rudy is off duty today.

Marc doesn't get up as early as I do.

Lonhyn is very annoying, isn't he?

Yesterday morning I ate a waffle!

Let us go together. We can swim across the river, carry off the bear cubs, take them to the house on the mountain, and together find happiness.


That's unusual.

At least 49 percent of students go on to university.

I can see your little book.

Rudolf felt alone in the bar.

He had the kindness to show me the way.