I didn't say a thing.

Vicki has a tough job.

You need to stay focused.

She's possessed.

Where were they going? Do we know where we are going?

Please reply.


I don't know what plan he will try.

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Magnus is in love with the boy with blond hair.


We have to be cautious, too.

Is that possible now?

The person who planted the bomb hasn't been caught.

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What do you say to a beer?

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Nobody saw him do it.

I want to buy some shoes.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

Long hair is out of fashion.

The movie Titanic moved audiences around the world.

Glenn didn't get the point.

He used to be a quiet man.


I really want a beer.

It's not a difficult question.

He seems to have been sick last week.


I wasn't so much sad as I was angry.

Hirofumi can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.

Do you have a lawyer?

The stone is heavy.

Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.

Handle the glasses carefully.

Paris is a very ancient and beautiful city.

Thanks a lot for the telephone you gave me.

You and I will run.

He works hard so that he can study abroad.

He came from one of the richest families in the United States.

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Did Pedro tell you about Harris?

I'd like to make a statement.

Honesty doesn't pay.


He rapidly ascended to the top.

They stole her lunchbox and threw it out the window.

Everyone but Ramsey was there.

We'll be moving to Boston next year.

We aren't going to have an office Christmas party this year.

What is the program of the Kabuki for next month?

Who do you like better, Roxana or Ravindranath?

Best of luck to you.

It's very difficult to understand him.


Do you like root beer?


The Mongols invaded Baghdad in 1258 and destroyed the Abbasid Caliphate.


You think this is all some kind of joke?

Everyone's happy again.

I went to church with him.


He lives on the floor above mine.


There's obviously been some sort of misunderstanding.

We dance well.

The project was a great success.

I spoke to him about it over the telephone.

We're awake.

It is important that we should do our duty.

It can celebrated in a lot of ways.


Where do we register?

Are you making friends here?

Mr Yoshida is too severe with his children.

This job doesn't require special training.

I want to see how it ends.

The doctor told me that I needed to eat more vegetables.

Why can't I do that?

Exactly how does this work?

She is a really good girl.


Rayan launders money.

Your software needs updating.

You said you were going to go to Boston this weekend.


You can go to sleep now.

My heart was filled with joy.

I know her from work.

How long are you going for?

We're playing chess. I already took four of his pieces.

We got there early.

You're not a horrible person.

I'm not willing to do what you're asking me to do.

He appeared from nowhere.

Dewey toyed with his empty glass.

She advised me to go there.


Show me your true face.


What is the altitude of the plateau?

Delete the comment, please.

He wants Einstein to play the violin.

It's so bad, it's good.

I have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight.

I would rather die than leave you, Hector!

Didn't that sound good?

Pantelis used to play tennis every Monday.

She's going to the hospital.

She wondered what her life would have been like if she had married Evan.

I think we're safe now.

Up to now we've been taking a casual relaxed attitude toward our relationship but I want to start looking at us more critically.

I can't buy a book this expensive.

If the law is not repealed, in toto, what recourse do citizens have?

He succeeded in the face of great danger.

Is there a choice of questions?

What's the meaning of this?

Generations of Americans were taught to fear--miscegenation, "the yellow peril," Italians, communism.

Hal surrendered.

I feel bad about that.

I really can't remember people's names, but I don't forget faces.

They've got enough to do already.

Which one do you think Hans will choose?

This is the last straw!

This computer is powerful, efficient, and easy to use.


Colin behaved himself.


Are you free tomorrow?

Kenn's parents aren't living anymore.

They're going to hang her.


Football is a sport.


The coriander has a very characteristic smell.

Toufic will always be remembered.

She took me around the shops.

I didn't get much sleep last night so I was nodding off all day at work.

Please don't say that.


Make sure that the device is attached firmly to ceiling.

I'll get hold of you tomorrow and set up a time.

Would we have been so happy if they had won the competition?


Aimee woke up to watch the sunrise.

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Jamala's victory at the "Eurovision 2016" convinces us that the world is not so hopeless as it sometimes seems.

'Radioactivity' is a chemistry term.

Do you object to smoking?

He is to stay here for a fortnight.

You have done a good job. I'll take my hat off to you.


I bathe daily.

You are very likely right.

Dan was up all night studying.


I've learned a lot of French by watching French movies.

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It'll be fine.


Do you know Sigurd's home address?

Archie has had that car for years.

Stop talking about me.

Atlantic City is famous for its boardwalk.

I'm a human.

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I don't need you.

Tim handed Gordon the briefcase.

She walked slowly so she wouldn't slip.

It wasn't hard.

I went camping last summer.

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What is the language spoken in Brazil?

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I searched for my father's false teeth at the lost and found, but had no luck.

Ninja invited Space to his birthday party.

I'm very lucky.

To drive a car, you need a license.

Light shines on my sight of doubt.

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What time do you start check-in?

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The teacher suggested that we go to the library to study.

This directly concerns Joshua.

The jewel was found in an unlikely place.

No one I know wears a tie anymore.

The typhoon caused a tree to tumble on my yard.

The only thing we can do is wait.

I'll pay you back.

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Let's sit here for a while.

I'm sorry Mohammed, I forgot your name!

They dragged their boat onto the beach.

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He is good at football.

Turn up the heat.

The suspension bridge is miles above.

Environmentally damaging projects should be abandoned systematically.

Roger worked at any job he could find during the day.