Public Energy Partners

The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC), through a public energy partnership established in 1969, provides the services, expertise and strategic vision to help municipal utilities optimize their energy resources and find value in the shifting structure of New England’s wholesale power markets. MMWEC’s purpose is to enhance the competitive position of municipal utilities through:

  • Cost-effective management of existing resources, including generation assets and fuel supplies;
  • Development of new energy resources, including energy conservation, renewable and demand response resources; and
  • The delivery of financial, risk management, legislative, regulatory and other services to protect and enhance the traditional benefits of public power, including local control of operations, tax-exempt financing, high customer satisfaction and reliable service.

In 1976, MMWEC became a non-profit, public corporation and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that is empowered to issue tax-exempt revenue bonds to finance ownership interests in energy facilities. Twenty Massachusetts municipal utilities are Members of the MMWEC organization and 28 are Participants in MMWEC’s Power Supply Projects, which reflect public power’s 700-megawatt ownership interest in five New England generating facilities.

MMWEC’s understanding of municipal utility needs stretches back 40 years, from the time when it championed municipal utility ownership in major power plants. Many new and more complex challenges have surfaced since then, but MMWEC continues to deliver innovative solutions, guided by the utilities that it serves, to protect and enhance the future of public power in Massachusetts.



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2008 Annual Report

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