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Crafting Experiences

I think as creatives we have gotten stuck in a rut of listing everything we do, we design, we create photographs, and some of us can code. But here’s the thing we don’t just stop there we decide to list all of the other tools that we use, and in the end it looks like we do everything under the sun, and truthfully we probably can.

In full transparency I have been in the same spot, with the same terminology, and it finally dawned on me that while I do have all of these abilities ultimately what drives my creativity is the creation of experiences. See it may start as a sketch on a piece of paper or even a napkin while you’re out to dinner, but our vision doesn’t end with putting it on paper, we have a finished piece in mind for others to experience.

Husband, Father, Follower of Jesus, Developer & Creative

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Main Areas of Focus

Areas of Interest:Motion Graphics + Videography + Icons


Over My Shoulder

Design shouldn’t just live within the confines of a sketchbook, or a PSD. Sharing leads to feedback which helps everyone involved. Here's your opportunity to look over my shoulder, and see what I'm up to.

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