Srinivas is to die by lethal injection tonight.

The boy persisted in wearing his hair long.

This is the pool where Sofia learned to swim.

Talent is God-given; be humble. Fame is man-given; be thankful. Conceit is self-given; be careful.

I hear that popular group will be disbanded.

I found this film very exciting.

My grandfather died five years ago.

Jinny wants you back, you know.

He always puts himself first.

I left Bruno in 2013.

This dress was in fashion in those days.

Let's try and stay calm, OK?

It is preferable that he gets there by tomorrow.

Sundaresan stopped typing.

I know what you must think of me.

At this point in his meditation, the general was interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

The bar is fairly busy this evening.

They're required to work eight hours every day.


Jaume's grandmother spoke Catalan better than Spanish.

If a restaurant has valet parking it's probably pretty expensive.

In the 1980s an opera production of "Hansel and Gretel" caused a furor because the part of the Witch was played by a man; nobody seemed to care that the part of Hansel, a trouser role, was played by a woman.

Not only you but also he is ignorant of the truth.

I am an Esperanto beginner.

If I read a thousand books in English, will I become fluent in it?

You look just like my sister.

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Those made a promise to himself that he would never make the same mistake again.

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Please remember to turn off the light before going to bed.

I don't need you any more.

It's perfectly legal.

Terri was surprised to see Kirsten out jogging so early in the morning.

Mike, do planes usually rock like this?


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.

Can you tell me what happened to Pradeep?

I cannot get angry with Taninna. She's my only sister.


Joel has what it takes to be a good teacher.


She's not confident.

The policeman saw who killed her.

I ran into an old friend of mine outside the station.

She did not look happy.

The Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949.

We'll have a big party on Monday.

She hugs trees.

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What made him so mad?

Oscar decided to take matters into his own hands.

I wish I didn't have so many problems.

Rainer doesn't seem too convinced.

The village I live in is very small.


Try to ignore the noise.

I'm as old as he is.

A moat was dug around the castle to thwart attackers.

Do I need to explain this to Lars?

She invited us to her birthday party.

We gotta haul tits!

What time is it in Sri Lanka?

Roman could run a lot faster when he was young.

Just stay calm.


I want you to wait for me until I get through with work at 7.

They were sitting on the sofa in our living room.

Before going to work in Paris I need to brush up my French.


Ernest pushed the wheelchair down the hall.

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Mondays are not good for me.


Many people attended his funeral.


Can we go somewhere and talk?


Each of us has something in us that longs for a sense of oneness with others.


She was taken in by the salesman's smooth manner of talking.

I like white. I find it goes well with yellow, but only if you want it to. If you don't believe it does, then it doesn't.

Cut into long thin strips.

She interrupted him while he was speaking.

The teacher pointed her finger at me and asked me to come with her.

We were looking at the ruins of the old fortress.

A lie, told by a sensible man, remains a lie.

Trying to secede from the mainland, the fissiparous polities has been causing serious problems to the central authority.

I didn't write this.

I can't go even if I want to.

I took him up on his offer.

I didn't recognize Marty when I passed him on the road today.

I'll miss them, too.

There's no need to get so angry.

Don't go near that!

All the parking lots were full.

Bret always dreamed of meeting a tall, dark, and handsome man.


You had better not take such a hopeless view of life.

Every man to his trade.

I live in Malaysia.

We've got no plans to do that.

She sings well, to be sure, but she can't act.

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I can help them.

Everyone was sitting around the table.

Lorien told Radek to be polite.


Did you hear? She's going out with Juan!

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My father, who is now working in America, wrote us a letter last week.

Ricardo is a loser.

Put these letters in the mail box.


We're not going anywhere today.

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Some people cannot cope with the world.


Tobias was there for me when I really needed him.


I can see how you might've made that mistake.

Roxane wouldn't go anywhere without his phone.

Although the fork entered society on the tables of rich people, many members of royalty, such as Elizabeth I of England and Louis XIV of France, ate with their fingers.

My sister is very intelligent.

The woman stopped and looked at him.

Revised had a package under his arm.

Himawan seems to be unwilling to accept our offer.

Let's make a cake.

I feel good after a workout.

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We are thinking of moving back home.

Prosody semantics is related to pragmatics.

Bradford will never know it was you who told me.

Our letters crossed each other.

We defeated them in baseball.

Which dictionary is better, Collins or Oxford?

A submarine cable was laid between the two countries.

If she hasn't missed the train!

Let's wait here until she comes back.

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Today we are going to study the formation of the Earth.


If someone invited you to a white tie event, would you know what to wear?

That is a custom proper to Japan.

Could I have a screwdriver?

I had a family emergency.

Tai is a manicurist.

You don't disturb me.

I'm beginning to lose patience with Rex.

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Let's get right to it. What do you want from me?

The police will just take the money and probably won't even look for the owner.

Don't you know the rules?

He asked me if I knew her telephone number.

It's a point of honor with me to tell the truth.

Cup ramen are bad for your health.

I wish I'd called you.


I don't remind them of their debts.


I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher.

Devastating groundhog invasions afflicted a small town in Texas.

You are a very patient teacher.


Judith loved Gregg.


Rebecca is obviously exhausted.

Joe used to torment his younger brother.

The only important things in life are love and work.

Just get your stuff together.

When did the accident happen?

The beer is stale.

Jack told Hal to leave me alone.

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Watch your luggage.

It's clear that there's a rather strong disagreement between the two.

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

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I have a job interview tomorrow morning.


The car ran down the hill.

Venkata went to shop with Lui.

I would like to rent a car.

Do you have enough time to buy enough things for souvenirs?

I'll meet Eddy.


That is a Japanese doll.

I don't want to tell her.

We learn a lot from experience.


If you want me to help you, all you have to do is ask.

Daniel says he can help us.

I thought I would easily pass this test.

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There was a savour of bitterness in his voice.


Loukas and Judy seem to be enjoying themselves.

I wonder if I can ask you a few questions about Hon.

She supposed me to be a doctor.


Why don't you tell me where you got that diamond?