Learning Fields

The fields in which courses are being built for you and for a better society to achieve Vision 2030.

Traffic Safety

A Course for learning general rules of traffic safety and the preventive measures of accidents.


A course containing the field innovations for the development of the skills of doctors to provide a distinguished service.

Business Management

A course for the development of competencies in the management of institutions and projects and their marketing electronically.


Learn here the rules that a nursing kit should follow to maintain their safety.

Arabic language

A course for the development of the competences of the rules of Arabic language and conversation.

Food Safety

A course for the development of the skills of quality officials and observers in the field of food transport and handling.

Time Management

A course for the development of business ordering skills to achieve the best results in private and public life.


A course to guide all members of the family on interdependence, good education, good character and rejection of social pests.

The advantages of learning with Erada

“Erada” is the largest platform that combines courses for community knowledge and public services to provide greater opportunities for community development and dissemination of the right ideas for dealing among individuals and the proper use of rules to achieve the 2030 Vision and plans for the development of the country.

Highest quality standards

Courses produced in the light of international quality standards.

Certified Certificates

Provides accredited certificates from the platform.

Available all the time

Courses are available all the time and anywhere without restriction of teacher presence.

Endless Sources

There are infinite sources of learning tools that allow for the expansion of mind

To become a contributor with us

harry up to contribute with your knowledge to build the platform and build the courses that benefit the community.