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Hotel Clout provides various ways of utilizing competitive knowledge

Availability Index

  • Availability of hotels during a period
  • Availability on competitors during a period

Channel Ranking

  • Ranking of channels as per online prices

Price Distribution

  • Presence on all price bands
  • Focus on bands
  • Presence of competitors

Pricing by Feature

  • Feature-wise price comparisons
  • Presence in category

Booking Pattern

  • Period of high and low booking
  • Price sensitivity

Price Competitiveness

  • Price comparisons

Price Index

  • Price consistency
  • Comparison with competitive for similar room types and locations

Property Mix

  • Presence in categories, star ratings, price ranges
  • Focus of channels on various categories

Channel Penetration

  • Presence of hotels in each channel

Price Deviation

  • Price premium and discount comparison

Pricing Trends

  • Price variations over a period
  • Proactiveness and reactiveness of vendors
  • Periods of spikes

Win / Loss

  • Cheapest channel for hotels
  • Lost opportunities

Market leading price and competitive intelligence tool for hotel domain

  • Our solution is designed exclusively for Hotel industry to help you track your competition, understand market dynamics, devise strategies and monitor the performance. We provide a rich data source with all hotel pricing & marketing information which is collated from various sources, and in a timely fashion.
  • The portal provides interactive BI dashboards on various competitive aspects like Channel Relevance, Pricing, Performance & Market Penetration etc.
  • We are proud to offer very wide information coverage of Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania regions. Our proprietary state-of-the-art technology platform allows us to track almost all of your competitors. We can also take care of your additional information needs.
  • This is a Customer Centric Product which is flexible enough in providing customizations to suit customer’s special requisites. We can provide additional information, specially designed charts, analysis for proprietary data etc

Rich competitive knowledge about the market

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