I just knew I had to try.

Let him speak.

He put the blame upon me.

I must've forgotten.

The rules of grammar and spelling have to be broken in order for a language to evolve.

Green green green green green.

I have a thorn in my finger.

You're not safe there.

You are still the same ignorant I met once in the park.

Didn't you notice it?

What do you intend to do about that?

"What's wrong?" "I can't get my car started."


Pam wants to be the best person he possibly can be.


I'm somewhat dizzy.

Don't you give up on me.

He bargained that he should not have to pay for the car till the next month.

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The people there are not so dumb.


No one likes war.

Chinese grammar is less complicated than Tagalog's.

Don't let her go out after dark.


Donne thinks I'm in love with her.

I heard you had some problems with Julianto.

Traffic downtown is all backed up.

It can hardly be a matter of passion, perhaps it's just about sex.

Donna asked me to buy him something to drink.

You can drink anything you want.

Her ethics are flexible.

Sonja explained the problem to me.

We don't believe that Olaf did what Angus said he did.

They're all special.

Hope you'll get better soon.

Terri and Straka look happy.

It took her a long time to choose a hat.

I'm outraged!

I just need to find her.


Stephan seems to be worried about something.


Depending on where you sit, you might not be able to see the stage.


She went through a long and arduous vocational course.

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Myron will get over it.

You said that you hated me.

I can hear the chirping of insects.

I am often irritated by her selfishness.

That country abounds in oil.

I'm sure you'll find a way to do it.

Many people were there, I didn't know.

It's as easy as pie.

To behave like that, he must be out of his mind.

Give Molly the $300.

You and Vance are welcome to stay for dinner.

Someone's shooting.

She needs a coat.


I just need you there for support.

Human stupidity is international.

It happened naturally.

The apples are not ready to pick yet.

We walked as far as 6 kilometers.

I want him to be happy.

You may stay at my house as long as you like.

We need to speak to them again.

There's the man who gave me the book.

I don't know what Johnathan is looking for.

Kanthan just sat around while John and the others did all the work.

Why would somebody want to kill Alejandro?

I said that wasn't what I meant.


My father manages the store.

This chair is very comfortable.

You guys are geniuses.

"Zelda, I'm going to save Gamelon from the evil forces of Duke Onkled!" "How?" "I'll take my ship to aid Gamelon." "But father, what if something happens to you?" "My ship will protect me!" "But father, what if you have to go on shore?"

The statement imported that changes were necessary.

Do you want to ride a unicorn to work? Because I do.

Ask her instead.


She didn't protest.

You have to make a careful choice of books.

I'm here because of Shyam.


None, they are all outside.


Gail could use our help.

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There is a boy near the door.

Has anybody spoken with Cindie?

Margie didn't practice on Monday.

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I made it official.


In Japan, there are lots of hot springs.


I'm not special.

Can't you tell me what Ramesh said?

I gave money to the old man in the road.

You had better not go there again.

Do you know how deep the water is?

I'm the one who has to pay all the bills.

I wanted you the moment I saw you.

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Holes gaped open in the streets after the earthquake.

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It's all the same to him.

I barely ever talk to Caleb.

Tell Shatter I'll be home soon.


Sherri usually accomplishes whatever he tries to do.

Did you enter your PIN into your computer?

The rains ruined the harvest.


We'll stay as long as we can.

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I don't trust you because you're a cop and you think like a cop.

I look forward to it.

Why are you miming Granville?


Why does Oscar look so upset?

Why don't you just answer the question?

Linda is staying with his mother.


Kamiya is doing his best to stay out of trouble.


You have a gum infection.


I'd like you to consider joining our club.

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All right. It's a deal.

On the other hand, he had a different opinion.

Did Mikey tell you how he met Craig?


I hope Tait will follow my advice.

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Please tell me what the rules are.

I have ten pens.

Tell them to help me.


I met my friends last Wednesday morning.

See the car carefully before you buy it.

I could do it again.

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I live about an hour from the station.

Why is that important?

I am anxious to visit Britain once again.

We covered 100 kilometers in the car before it got dark.

Which do you prefer: music or English?

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I don't take kindly to pushiness or impatience.

The baby is playing with some toys.

Hirofumi has done very well.

He secretly showed me her picture.

An electric heater warms up the ceramic tiles of the bathroom floor.

Would you like me to get you something to eat?

The soup was too hot.

Bryce says that he has 4 homes in 5 different countries.

This is one of the most venomous spiders in the world.

We'll speak to him later.

I've been to the area surrounding Shanghai.

I'll flip you for it.

Voyager 2 completed its twelve year tour of the solar system with a visit to Neptune and its moons.

The experiment ended in failure.

Annard is madly in love with Arlene.

She abandoned her hope of becoming a doctor.

They'll think of something.

I want to improve myself.

We're all stupid.

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The teacher told us that we couldn't eat in the classroom.

How can I ever forgive myself?

I'll think of a way to do it.


Debi flew to Boston yesterday.

Toufic is expected to be here by 2:30.

Tao isn't the right girl for you.

I called Anatole.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think.


One of the disadvantages of living alone is that you have no one to talk to.

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I really wanted Nicholas to succeed.

Is there some kind of problem here?

Mr Brown always carries a book with him.

It is important whether we win the game or not.

Rolfe doesn't know whether Sal is telling the truth or not.


As a cook he is in a class by himself.

"Waitress, what's this fly doing in my soup?" "Looks to me to be backstroke, sir!"

He controls himself admirably.

By the way, Ren. Should I take your hand? Every year you wander off.

Roxie's idea wasn't adopted.

The bribery came to light.

I'll stay with you through both the happy times and the sad times.


Alberto began to wonder who Mat had learned French from.