I don't know why you're making such a fuss over this.


I thought that was already obvious.

I tie my shoes on my own.

Your wristwatch is on the table.

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The teacher put a mark next to his name to show that he was absent.

Pontus called to say he'd be late.

I'm not sure who they were.

What the fuck?

"Are you friends with Jon?" "Yes, he's my boyfriend."

Dan was the prime suspect.

What happened to Sridhar and Tait?

Do I need to hurry?

It's my favorite language.

Kamel just got out of surgery.

Glen is staying at my place this week.

Half-destroyed walls used to stand there.

Eddie says he hasn't seen that movie yet.

I admit I'm wrong.

I can't believe no one heard that.

We're being used.

He seems to have something on his mind.

I already know that Axel doesn't like me.

I advised him to start earlier.

I think it's not good for him to go alone.

Food shipments were blocked.

On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.

I always liked that sweater.

I think men can live on the moon.

Lock and barricade all doors.

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Vernon and Bill arrived at different conclusions from each other.

The discussion will be over soon.

They're trying to restrain her.

You don't have to be here now.

The church congregation was moved by the fine sermon.

I don't know what to say.

There are nine people in my family.


Phiroze cut his fingers off with a big knife.

The first time he met his friend was when he was bathing in the sea.

Why did you want us to leave?

We're on our way.

I wonder if Leads likes Mitchell.

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I don't think Ernest would make a very good husband.

The professor always teaches in jeans and a shirt.

Who says money can't buy happiness?

Bart is the only one with a knife.

Sue is lying face down in the sand.


Kent looked as if he was angry.

English is taught in most countries.

Stevan can't very well turn his back on Blayne now.

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So the Son of Man must be lifted up.


She forgave him for killing her father.

It looks like the dog wants something to eat.

That is Xiaoli's book.

The clock was working, but the alarm had not gone off.

If by any chance it should rain, he won't come.

Money cannot be got at bidding.

Tell Roy you lied.

We got caught in the storm.

Do it now, so you don't forget it.


I made John happy.


Not everyone could hear what Rupert said.

My older brother built his own house last month.

Within the village, Cindie was known as a con man.

Kelly is a man of many talents.

Children learn to swim in school today.


That's why we're sitting here.

The whole country was buried under snow.

Norman is easy to handle.


I'll explain it to you.

Cliff was there all morning.

Of course it isn't true.

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We want to see you.

She came to see me the other day.

I really thought we were going to win.

Tor doesn't speak much French.

Are you still awake? It's already three where you are, right?


Jesper knows that I wanted to go with him.

It took me several hours to open it.

Things are only going to get worse.


I don't think these guys really want to hear Deborah sing.

Do you see a rose?

How he has suffered!

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Tatoeba was down yesterday.

There were three getaway cars.

It was really special.

Our country's youth has no interest in politics.

She is always cheerful and smiling.


He's on his last legs.

Those are my things.

I want to be able to speak Cantonese.

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Takeshi promised to help me with my homework, but at the last minute he let me down.

Someone just came in asking for Rusty.

I may have put the key somewhere in this room.

He barely passed the examination.

I never feel the cold.

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I think now is the time.

I called him here in order to help me.

The pianist is endowed with extraordinary talent.


Death is just around the corner and you can't walk away.

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I had to do that by myself.

I think you hate Edwin about as much I do.

Everybody was staring at Naresh.


Be my guest!

Sit down for a second.

It's really coming down! There are puddles all over the street, and water is pouring down from the rooftops.

Everything was easy.

There was nothing anyone could have done.

I still don't have enough money for the trip.

Floyd underestimated the slickness and drove into the ditch.

I'm equal to my brother in swimming.

I am from the Republic of Poland, you are from the Federal Republic of Germany.

It would be really good if you came earlier.

It was all over in a matter of seconds.

When I first met Celia, I didn't like him much.

There will be additional students to my class sooner or later.

My brother usually calls me from Chicago on Tuesday evenings.

Man is a product of his circumstances.

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Carole's car caught fire.

Lojban has incorporated a detailed grammar for mathematical expressions. This grammar parallels the predicate grammar of the non-mathematical language.

We can finish it later.

Pamela pointed up to the ceiling.

Who was it that called me?

Let's meet up somewhere.

I didn't know that song.

I'm surprised it was that easy.

What did Conrad do wrong?

You know about her, don't you?

Sergeant is anorexic.


Insects are full of proteins.

What kind of sports we play depends on the weather and the season.

She shot him with a machine gun.

There must be some misunderstanding between us.

I want Sho left alone.

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Will you please put that in simpler words?

Syed can't remember anything Marcel said.

He didn't give up the plan.


He was encouraged by his success.

What did you guys go see?

We have been studying English for three years.

Better to give in.

Would you rather come with us?

I will sleep at ten o'clock.

If you think it's a good idea, you should participate. Conversely, if you think it's a bad idea, you should let him know.

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Todd started mumbling.


I'm against us forcing the child to go to cram school.


Ramsey wants three hundred dollars for it.


Gregor lied because he's hiding something.

His joke eased the tension in the room.

He lost his balance and fell off the ladder.

I'd like to say goodbye.

He scraped his knee in a fall.

I'm so vain.

Since our argument, Frederick has kept his distance.

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I can't complain.

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Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.

Bin lived in Singapore.

I love that place.

I was surprised when I saw you guys kissing.

My watch has stopped working.


I hate myself for hating her.


We're enthusiastic.

The alarm clock wakes me at seven.

Slartibartfast and Juergen survived.

You must quit smoking.

Let me show you where the guest room is.