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    Accelerating Grassroots Fundraising

    Fundraise effortlessly with Grasshopr. Efficiently manage donations, pledges, and donor information electronically.

Realize your fundraising potential

Get rid of paper forms and PIN pads. With Grasshopr, your donors can simply pledge or donate to your cause directly from their smartphones. Save your organization the hassle of tedious pledge collections while decreasing pledge drop rates due to human errors.

Save Time

Eliminate manual data entry

Automate follow up with donors

Expedite data consolidation

Save Effort

Reduce volunteers

Automate recurring donations

Generate tax receipts instantly

Increase Fulfillment

Reduce human errors

Follow up on pledges

Set reminder jobs

Seamless donation flow

Make the donation experience intuitive and seamless by giving your donors the flexbility to donate on their terms.

Flexible donation options

Donors can pledge or donate the way that suits them best.

Convenient and simple

Pledging is as easy as a few taps on your mobile smartphone.

Secure payment processing

Donors can donate with confidence using a secure online payment processor.

The live dashboard

Keep the audience engaged and motivated to help reach your fundraising goal.

Live fundraising status

Let your audience view real-time updates as donations roll in and you get closer to your goal.

Interactive fundraising experience

Create a fun and lively fundraising experience for your audience.

Take control

Take control with the administrator panel by viewing donor information and analytics, authenticating in-person donations, generating tax receipts, and more.


View donor information

View information about your donors and check the status of each pledge.

Authenticate payments

Authenticate payments and handle donations made in person.

Integrate with donor management system

Manage all donor information in a single file and easily integrate with your donor management system.

Meet our team

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Some of our happy clients

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General Questions

No, Grasshopr is entirely web-based. Donors will visit a unique web url specific to your event (ex: www.your_org.grasshopr.ca) to pledge & donate.
Yes, pledges & donations made using paper forms can be recorded manually using the Admin panel.
Grasshopr is tailored for grassroots fundraising.
  1. Unlike other tools which only process donations, Grasshopr also manages pledges and handles credit recurring donations.
  2. Grasshopr does not charge any platform or additional transaction fees. We ensure more of your money goes to your cause.
  3. The live dashboard - offers an engaging and interactive experience for your donors, making it ideal for live fundraising events such as a fundraising dinner.


All information will remain secure and without disclosure from any third party. This will be ensured with a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.
No, credit card payments are handled using Stripe, a secure and PCI compliant payment processor.

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