Spilcare - An Overview

SPILCARE is a dedicated and reputed company dealing in technologically advanced industrial spill response, beach cleaning and other environmental products for environmental protection. The product offering includes a comprehensive line of spill kits, flexible containment, fuel & water storage, secondary containment equipments, beach cleaning equipments, personal protection equipments and related items.

SPILCARE is in the field of pollution response since 1974 with its clientele being Oil & Gas companies, Ports, Chemical companies and Heavy manufacturing industries.

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Oil Skimmer

Beach Cleaning Machines

Our Products

  • Spill Kits

    Prevent environmental damage and safety hazards in and around your workplace by deploying Spilcare Spill Kits. Can be strategically located to contain and adsorb accidental liquid spills...

  • Beach Cleaners

    Beach cleaning machines are effective in removing beach pollution such as seaweed, fish, glass, syringes, plastic, cans, cigarettes, shells, stone, wood and virtually any unwanted debris...

  • Skimmers

    Industrial and shoreline oil recovery Skimmers are effective in recovering oil/chemicals spills in API/separation tanks or in shallow waters as in shorelines/beaches.