You have only to read a few more pages.

I'm trying hard, but can't think of her name.


He can speak 10 languages.

There is no happy love.

We'll think about that.

Her story took me back to my childhood.

You'll get used to it in no time.

"Who died?" "His little dog."

I'll do what you say.

How many tourists visit this temple?

Her older brother is two years older than I.

Did you remember to go to the library?

I know Johann is watching us.

Just do what you have to do, no questions asked.

As long as people are people, there will always be a stage for tragedy.

We need an itemized receipt.

Jerry seemed to be used to these kinds of problems.

Don't scare me like that, OK?

Leslie wouldn't do that to me.

I'll be waiting right outside.

I can't understand why you said that. You don't know how to analyze numbers and charts.

The company is struggling for survival.

When you said you'd look after Spot, you knew there'd be responsibilities.

What are you doing with the water there?

He is too little to take the book from the shelf.

She is already back.

A handyman who possesses a chainsaw is not a handyman, but a terrorist.


He is my distant relation.

Life in Tokyo is very expensive.

We must apply corrective measures.

Tomas can't remember the last time he ate dinner with his family.

What had I better do?


Dawson likes Swiss cheese.


She needs a bath.

This hat is too small for me.

What colour was Henri IV's white horse?


I can't make heads or tails of what you say.


You were thinking.

By and by you will forget the painful experience.

Here's a list of what we need to buy.

The doctor advised Jesper to have at least three alcohol-free days per week.

Wait until tomorrow morning.

Choose between this and that.

Sometimes you don't have to speak the same language to understand each other.

I met Mihaela at the subway station.

As far as I know, he's a kind man.

Vishal lost no time in parting with the money.

He looks very worried.


You haven't told me about Boyce yet.

He is no more a liar than you are a liar.

He's not fit to be a teacher.


You've opened a window.

Johnathan became nervous.

On his birthday, I took a train to the town in which he lived.

Lewis ought to help Old.

I'm all out of tricks.

He looked up at the stars.

You're weird.

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I have two classes tomorrow morning.

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As I thought, Catherine is a beautiful girl after all.


The snow is letting up.

How long has Mysore been unconscious?

Can't we discuss this?

I wondered what Jared's real reason for being here was.

Then you will be happy.


The stone is perfectly smooth.

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We're not millionaires.

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Please knock before entering.

We don't have a choice now.

This is the one I told Martha about.

The woman was at a loss whether to accept his proposal or not.

I am weak.

I think I caught your cold.

The children were sitting around the campfire singing songs.


Ken climbed down from the tree.

We all suffered.

I'm the one Kayvan wanted to meet.

I would have failed but for his kind help.

Maybe she really doesn't have a room of her own?

Aren't you afraid alone at night here?

She was hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

That's my jam!

Tammy isn't allowed to leave the country.

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I said go away.

How can I convince you?

What is his business?

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I still need to talk to him.

How are you, Mrs. Jones?

I don't know where you are going.

I wish I could figure out how to convince Agatha to stay.

I think it's very strange.


Blair painted the doors blue.


Wendi is unconscious.

They won't believe it.

In 1903, the Wright Brothers flew, The Flyer, with a 12 horse power gas powered engine.

I want you to go to the doctor.

Tony realized that if he hired another crew, got more customers and did the job quicker and sloppier, he could make more money.

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The first good rain storm will wash it away.

They sat down around the kitchen table.

You were eavesdropping.

A free man thinks of death least of all things; and his wisdom is a meditation not of death but of life.

She was driven to stealing by hunger.

Donna sure does burp a lot.

It seems unlikely that any society could completely dispense with myths.

Claudia is sweet.

Nobody here does that anymore.


I don't know what Marsh was so upset about.


I don't know whether I have time or not.

You can leave now. I'll see to our luggage.

Gunter's troubles are only beginning.

I'm calling the police.

Erik wants to get a driver's license.

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My father insisted that we should go.

Who was the leader of the expedition?

His bag was filled with water.

Ramiro and Randy are on good terms with each other.

Because the Green Party in Canada has only one elected member of parliament, she sometimes jokes that she can hold caucus meetings in a telephone booth or a cloakroom.

When's Jeff coming home?

That was awkward.

He saw to it that there would be no more interruptions.

She's a desperate housewife.


Shutoku told Orville he thought she was stupid.


Their articles are exceptional, even considering that they have already been very successful.

Now that Nicholas has left, Marian is happier.

Jarl saw vending machines everywhere when he visited Japan.

Why is it called "loon"?

It's what I'd do.

No matter what you say, I won't give up.

It seemed that Jim had missed the seven o'clock train.

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I think it's getting warmer.

Ernie told me where to buy what I needed.

I wish I had a friend like you.


Joshua has a beautiful wife.

Lubomir loves his mom.

"I don't have my license with me." "No problem, I'll drive."

Let's dine out tonight. I'm too tired to cook.

I eat alone.

He gave her a brief hug.

Nhan wanted to go, but he didn't.


Let's turn on the air conditioner.


Both Pia and Emil are good chess players.

That student's studying sociology.

Hienz seemed a little impatient.

I've lost my keys.

I have a debt to pay.

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Where have you been this week?


His house was built of logs.

A man cannot be made in a mold.

There was a decapitated body on the coroner's table.

Saumya didn't tell me why he was going to Boston.

You can't afford to be late.

We knew that we were going to go in different directions when our school finished.

I didn't realize how busy Bernie was.

We want to meet her.

The cosmonaut is great.

Did the Bush administration cooperate with al-Qaida?

Istanbul is the city she likes the most.

And then Syed leaned over and said something in Bucky's ear.

I love cookies.

That book was interesting.

The soup is cold.

You'll come back to see us, won't you?

It's quite a project.

i don't want to miss you

My neighborhood is threatened by poverty.

Johnathan has been batting a thousand.

They appointed Jim manager.

Prakash doesn't seem particularly interested in learning French.

We're both writers.