You're a prude.

We followed the tracks of the criminal.


I'm getting married.

Let me show you around the town this afternoon.

When does your trip begin?

I need to handle this alone.

He is miles away.


He couldn't help himself.

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They want change. They hate staying in one place.

That sentence does not exist in any song.

I'd like to make sure there's no misunderstanding.


I want us to stay together.

Whenever he comes up to Tokyo, he stays with us.

What's the matter, Son? You can talk to me if you want.

There is a scheme to expand the company.

Your plan won't work.


How's everyone doing in here?

Ilya won't be here that long.

She flatters herself that she is the best speaker of English.

Supper's getting cold.

Sumitro found a job for me.


He is proficient in English.

We just want to do our part.

It's not the answer.


The team spirit was unbelievable, we were all in this together.


Nobody's going to rescue you.

He did not butter the top of the burnt bread anymore.

Spock went to a wedding last weekend.


Except for me, there wasn't a single person there.

I had a dog for thirteen years.

Get dressed and come downstairs.

I like playing basketball.

This is exciting stuff.

I asked my boss for a pay rise.

Beautiful evening, isn't it?

I think something scared Janos.

I have a right to make a living.

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Wait for a few seconds.


The patient is up and about.

Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

Sheila bought his son a car.

Is there also a similar proverb in Japan?

Why would I give you anything?

Definitely I stopped reading what he writes, because I don't want to unlearn interlingua.

He is as honest as a cat when the meat is out of reach.

What did I say wrong?

I got up 10 minutes ago.

I'm going to my car to get my things.

He threw me the apple.


I was thinking that Liz could be a vegetarian. He had a cabbage roll.

I've never worked this hard before.

The father had an outburst and screamed in the telephone, "come to the house immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Immediately!"

Pythagorean thought was dominated by mathematics, but it was also profoundly mystical.

You don't know who did it, do you?

You're out of booze.

Did you move there by yourself?


I have a bit of a headache.

She couldn't resist.

I think I'm in love with you.

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She had not been employed two months when her ability was recognized.

Jean doesn't like carrots.

I'd like to stay here with you.


She tore the letter into a thousand pieces.

We'll try to do what we can.

It's dishonest.

Vice helped a little.

I am 20 years old.

In this part of the city our specialists counted about a thousand dry trees.

We went without him since he wasn't ready.

Ima and I are in the same class.

You will have to study harder next year.

He took a line from Shakespeare.

Please don't say anything about it to Bradley.


You should get a couple hours of sleep.

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Ernie says he's feeling better now.

You're not answering my question.

Has something happened to Kate?


I reached for and tapped his shoulder.

That is right.

I didn't know you felt that way about Jimmy.

What're you doing there?

Do you want to leave with her?


Dimetry didn't give Suu much.

In the name of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, Claudio Soarez Rocha expressed admiration for the continuing effort which Esperanto-speaking people throughout the world are always making, for the greater spread of Esperanto. He wrote, amongst other things,"We know that in the history of mankind, there have been languages that have become intrusive as a result of political power, such as Latin, or to a certain extent French and lately, English. We very much wish, in fact, that one day Esperanto could be accepted by the majority of the nations, as a language adopted to facilitate communication without linguistic privileges."

I'm not angry about it.


The electric light went out.


I have nowhere else to turn.


Don't talk to strangers.

I do not like spring.

I am food.

We couldn't hide our tracks.

She got me a tiny toy.

Things aren't as bad as they seem.

The water in the basin has frozen solid.

I know it's still there.

How boring this game is!


Narendra has a grown daughter.

The girl spends hours drawing superhero stories.

I'm glad you could come.

Two students are absent today.

I think you might need to give Carlos a hand.

I'm twelve years old.

We're both wrong.


Did Amigo have dinner?

Both Piotr and Lech are from Poland.

I have Alvin's keys.

These are two pictures with a nice frame.

We were broke.

I like to buy clothes.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

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Do you think Lowell believed what you said?

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You have to advertise.


The blame rests with the cook.


Follow your sister's example.

I barely ever talk to Dory.

I'm excited to be back here.

Laurie was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.

What's that worth?

Grace wanted to go, but he had lots of things to do.

Sun and rain, rainbow.

I've already tried three different ways.

I want to pay for it now.

Neville couldn't decide whether to name his dog Cookie or Pochi.

I like to eat meat.

I owe two months' rent for my room.

Hey, put that back.

His prediction might come true.

George hired Seenu to do the job.

At last, my wish has come true.

You have to promise not to tell anyone.

Can you just throw these out?

Can you please help me?


Rich has had his leg in a cast for a few weeks now.


I'll see to the arrangements for the party.

I only need another few days to make things right.

The news that Emily had left Joseph for another woman spread quickly amongst their circle of friends.


Why are you being so kind?


Bobby suggested a solution.

How soon can I get to Tokyo?

The sculptor belongs to the Renaissance school.

A heavy purse makes a light heart.

One of these days, you will break your bones if you are not careful.


We had to take him by force.

Forty-eight sailors are aboard.

I'm fairly certain that Dewey is innocent.

Let me have your attention.

The sooner you clear the matter up with Ro, the better.

Could you tell me how to delete this sentence?

I want something with which to write.

She drank the expired milk.

I can't find the news.

I don't have a cent, let alone a dollar.

Shannon didn't go for the idea.

For the sake of long-term interests, we have decided to sell the development department.

I asked Paula to stop.

They like us to come and stay with them.

When I can get through my exams, I will take a long vacation.

I haven't thought about Victor in years.

Mr. Kato was too old to work any longer.

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Luc may do whatever he wants.

I'd better report this to him.

The teacher spoke about the courage of the Romans.

You know, don't you?

Don't act like you don't know what I mean.

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Novo tried to help.