Out of sight out of mind. When you're separated you lose touch.

This book has now been translated into French.

I feel homesick.

The waffle is very tasty.


Yes, I am from Sapporo.

I have to ask you something.

I asked Agatha if he wanted to go to Boston with me.

A surfer was eaten by a shark in Australia.

How much did you tell them?

More and more married couples share household chores.

Nowhere is safe.


His most important adviser was Henry Kissinger.

The hen has been brooding its eggs for a week.

Louis always seems to be there at the same time I am.

Rarely does he go out on Sunday.

Louiqa and Giovanni both wanted to make each other happy.

I want my dinner brought to my room.

I apologize for her.


Randall was sent by his company to Boston.


It makes things easier if your matrix is sparse.

I was called on in English class.

We didn't see a single house for five miles there.


I was surprised because he lifted me up with ease.

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Let the fathers be fathers and the sons sons.

I know you lost your father last year.

Dimetry spends a lot of time cleaning his gun.

I cross the railroad tracks every morning.

Tagalog is a more sensual language than English.

Sundar moved to Boston last winter.

I'm going to drink a glass of milk before I go to bed.


You're just in time.

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Will you travel alone?

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Natto is sticky.

I come when I can.

It was good talking to you.

How did this dangerous state come about?

I prefer quality to quantity.

Ellen got on the wrong bus.

I really hate them.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

Do you really want to get married?

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The condition looks favourable.

It will rain in the forest.

Let's take turns at running.


He left her in town.

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I expected Elliott to help me paint the ceiling.

I tore the paper into pieces.

According to custom, the bride should be compliant.

He has a black shirt.

I know this sounds nonsensical, but it is exactly what I feel.

Hurf wouldn't let us call a doctor.

The weather was hot. And pretty humid.


There was hardly anyone who didn't laugh when the singer fell off the stage.

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Just hang on.

I don't think you need to be at tomorrow's meeting.

It's really not very interesting.

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What do you think Dana has in mind?

She works at the school.

In order to grow well, these plants need soil that does not contain too much moisture.

Jinchao'll call in to see you after work.

I wish he were on our team.


While eating a pizza he was annoying his sister.


You can't scare me.

They've put the value of the estate at three hundred thousand dollars.

We can win.

I need to get you to a doctor.

I have chapped lips.

I know the boy.

That's the whole problem.

Why are we wasting our time?

When I saw the picture of my sister, I was astonished at how old she'd become.

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Thierry is now truly on his own.

I wonder how Ralph is holding up.

They moved house in search of greater comfort and security.

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It's too heavy to lift.

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The difference between the two versions isn't clear.

I'm anxious whether I'll do well at this new job.

This is so bizarre.


It's what Hy would want us to do.

The price of cabbage fell because of overproduction.

I knew you two would get along.


I don't have to talk to you.

Alex was quick.

I'm in the middle of a strange adventure.


How long can we hold out against the superior enemy attacks?

I just don't want to die.

Professional translators quite often specialize in just one field, for example law or medicine.

Francois pulled a coin out of his pocket.

Olof became a doctor.

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We should do this again sometime.

Where are the rest of the files?

I thought I would die.


We ate potato soup.


Archie is a good judge of character.

He's so good looking!

I'm not ashamed of that at all.

Please tell me Rolf is OK.

Are we disturbing you?

The bus stops at Hotel Iceland.

Resolving a differential equation means finding the functions that satisfies it.


Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.


Hi, how do you do?

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She swam across the river.

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That's the person I told you about yesterday.


Jochen has rejected our offer.

My mother cut my hair too short.

Liz lost control.

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Stephen creeps me out.

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I soon noticed his absence.

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You're not supposed to talk.


You're not supposed to be here until tomorrow.

The president said, "I don't give a fuck."

Heidi covered her eyes during the scary scenes.

Look not at the package but what's in it.

The window washer lost his grip and fell to his death.

I've got to do my homework now.

I didn't give them anything.

Lanny and Malcolm seem to really be in love with each other.

Every year, during the event, we sense a strange magical force.

She just called to make sure that you were safe.

We have a Japanese elm in our garden which always looks particularly gorgeous in autumn.


We looked everywhere.

If you see Rupert, could you give this to him?

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.

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It is easy for him to carry the stone.

The meals don't suit my taste.

Two little squirrels, a white squirrel and a black squirrel, lived in a large forest.

The Anglo-Saxons enriched the language by borrowing words from other languages.

Can you play the key of C minor?

The celebrations culminated in a spectacular fireworks display.

I'm quite hungry.

They bribed the witness into silence.

They quickly became close.


I never did anything like that for Joe.

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You cannot scale creativity.

I'm not the only one who can do this.

They weren't able to discover any secrets.

What's happened to Terry?

We don't need you to tell us what to do.

I lost almost all my money.

She brought up her children to be truthful.

She looked out of the window.

The grease caught fire.

Please give me your attention.

Don't worry!


He always troubles himself about minor things.

I just want to look at what Tricia wrote.

I got your fax the other day.

There are still some unanswered questions.

No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to catch up with him.

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They are out shopping.

You're holding my hand in the photo.

I bought two bags of popcorn.


They slept in the car because they couldn't find a hotel.

Betting on human stupidity is always a good bet.

The baby seemed to be fast asleep.

If I were not ill, I would join you.

We can't just fire him.