I'm not disorganized.

His grandfather was a soldier of high degree.

Where did I put my keys?

Hit the ball after the bounce.

This is significantly different.

I lived in Sasayama two years ago.

Malaclypse went to Boston the day after Thanksgiving.

Mr. Sato safely boarded the plane.

We're attempting a rescue operation.

Ned made a proposal.

Sofia is still young.

I couldn't even be there.


That work was done very quickly.


Did you buy me these?


I did all the work.

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He sat with his legs crossed.

You can be pretty charming when you want to be.

He issued his report in September, 2000.


You've turned up at the right moment.

Research in Motion announced the layoff of 2000 employees and a restructuring of the company.

Is there something in particular that you want to see?

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Can you guarantee that?

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Radek is pretty rich.


We often go surfing in the morning before work.

I bought flowers - roses, lilies, and so on.

His proposal was worthless.

There are several restrictions on working to support yourself abroad on a student visa.

Do you prefer red or white wine?


She keeps secrets.

So you're a man after all.

Naomi kept working even though he was exhausted.

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This is just awful.

I'll take them with me, OK?

I didn't have any choice.


It was used only from time to time.

I am too focused on my career.

We haven't heard of him lately.

How much is this watch?

She was really upset at the time. She cried in the dorm the entire day.

I think Kate is also a clever person.

I've got cold feet.

I wish Kristin understood me.

I asked Joyce where he had gone.


Many common words we use today were once coined in fiction.

Everything is interconnected.

Can I check into your bag for security purposes.

Would you mind if I ate a piece of this pie?

There wasn't a living soul as far as the eye could see.

She won't be ready.

We all thought she was devoid of sense.


I was wrong; forget what I told you.


Naoto and Neil hugged tightly.


We rarely come across big names.

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It's a huge commitment.

Tires are made from synthetic rubber.

You must promise not to take the rope off.


Is this the right bus for Boston?


I have an eclectic taste in music.

I just left him.

I don't have a religion and I don't follow any god.

The rose is a flower and the dove is a bird.

No one would blame you if you left right now.

Would you come with us?

The 21st century composition was so discordant that it felt as though the performer was murdering the Steinway Grand piano.

You weren't kidding, were you?

Don't let that dog come near me!


A sore back hindered me from playing tennis.


Radek got a bottle of beer out of the fridge.

Help me learn how to drive.

She was beguiled by his sweet words.

I think it makes a difference.

We're almost there.

How fast you walk!

Putting chlorine in drinking water is the biggest advance in public health.

He fulfilled the functions of a statesman.

I've lost track of him.

His ideas never fetched him a nickel.

I was the only one drunk at the party.


Lord broke his leg last year and has limped ever since.

The young King rejoiced from his heart when he saw her beauty and learned how good she was, and a great banquet was prepared, to which everyone was bidden.

Can we speak French?

Jock looked at the message.

One hundred percent of the brain's capacity has been reached.

Is eating egg yolks really that unhealthy?

Please send me your photo.

Let us know when you decide what you want to do.

Your feet feel good when they are wet.

His body was never recovered.

He was the strongest candidate for the position.

I'll tell Sofoklis to call you as soon as he gets in.

Aaron felt helpless.

He made up a pretext for a fight with me.

Christian was a pharmacist.

This fly is completely harmless.

I'm pleased with my new jacket.

This is really a very strange affair.

Can it be repaired?

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I don't want to take your money.

The letter is being written at this very minute.

I used to read a lot more than I do now.

Time went quickly.

They treat their employees well.

It's a pity.

Thanks to his efforts, all the crew were saved.

Will you please pass me your plate?

We don't have to follow him.

The notice was put on the front page.

He was made to tell them everything.

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The three men fought as long as possible.

It's the first time I've listened to this music.

Stagger was signing autographs in front of the theater.

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What are you doing up at this hour?

Don't let these snakes escape.

I don't really know how it happened.

I like that young man in that he is honest and candid.

You can't live without love.


He was regarded as a hero for saving his friend's life.

That is how he always treats me.

I didn't want to do this, but Michiel insisted.

I do it as I was instructed.

There are streetcars in Berlin.

I never see him but I am happy.

Registration for the first visit is at Counter No.1.

Milner is thankful that Pravin came to help.

Have you told Ravi what he needs to know?

That mountain is covered in snow all year round.

You (pl) are very full of energy.

You like an elephant.

Audrey would've been able to do that.


It's time to go to sleep.


Positive atomic nuclei attract negative electrons.


Don't worry. I'll be fine.

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Those are nice.

That surprises me.

It will take me some time to learn German.

Claude and Terrence instantly recognized one another.

My employment is not steady, only seasonal work.

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Jeannette asked me a lot of questions that I couldn't answer.

Deal the cards.

We're going to do everything we can to help.

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Pilot and Jeremy like to dance.


Let me relieve you of your suitcase.


You need to go and figure out what happened.

Do I need to get the manager?

That's not quite what I wanted.


I can't believe you eat that stuff.

Have it your own way.

She's been in the same job for donkey's years.


Liber doesn't seem to understand what we meant.

Everyone knows Mr Hashimoto.

We should give Jesus a chance to tell us what really happened.

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I didn't want Erick worrying about me.

There's no question about it.

Is there something you're hiding?

We didn't kiss.

It's Jerrie's only chance.

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Jesus is always grumbling about something.

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I felt profound reverence for the courageous mother.

Every successful writer has a drawer full of rejection letters.

The company has branches in all large cities.


It's no concern of yours.