Jeremy is a good juggler.

The actors are waiting on the stage.

Izumi looks bored.


I'm shopping for my girlfriend.

I never did anything to Catherine.

Who was at the meeting?

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Are you worried about me?

She's not very good at it.

Puns were found in ancient Egypt, where they were heavily used in development of myths and interpretation of dreams.

I want a status report.

He's addicted to Starbucks coffee.

I don't know whether to accept or refuse.

Her biggest interest is strength training.

Gail wishes to speak with me.

Hsi didn't have any brothers or sisters.


Gregge, there are a lot of girls that would love to go out with you.

The only thing I want do is go fishing.

Ramadoss seems nervous.

He is generally at home in the evening.

He led people to the good land.

You have a problem.

Emily is a single mom.

A theory must be followed by practice.

Amedeo wanted some more elbow room.


I've been a little worried.

The world follows one golden rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules.

If you know what needs to be done, please go ahead and do it.

Jefferson's Bible gives us a preaching Jesus of distinctly human dimensions, without miracles or resurrection.

All the bags are examined at the airport.

In the picture, there are three people who can be identified by name.

What a paella!

Juri is too young.

Those gloom and doom economists aren't worth their salt.

I need information about them.

The floor creaked.

Tharen could be related to you.

Bears are quite dangerous.


I've always known that guys lie when they say that it's the proportions that matter.

We belong here.

She barely was able to get out of bed.

Britain is also an island.

This agreement is invalid, unless you bring it in black and white.


I hope you have a good trip.

Patricio trusted him.

He gave money to each of his sons.

Marty could barely contain her excitement.

The prevention of forest fires is everyone's responsibility.

Why use it?

Most of our money goes for food.


I can cross the river by swimming.


Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name.

I wouldn't want to take that risk.

It's not at all impossible.

Philosophy is learning how to die.

That fact proves his innocence.

Doug ended up not coming.

Glass is breakable.

Women no longer are satisfied with their traditional role of housewife, and are seeking recognition of needs in the workplace.

I think she's too young.

The rumor cannot be true.

He was caught reading a comic book in class.

The candle has gone out.

Edgar might've written to Takeuchi already.


Our car broke down last night.


Play or study - the choice is yours.


I had a feeling Glenn was going to say that.


He accused him of having stolen the bike.

You take everything too literally.

Let's see if we can get the gate opened.

She's wearing a great-looking hat.

When was the last time you smiled at your wife?


Nicolas doesn't look very confident.

Please cover yourself.

At first he had trouble getting used to his new house.


How many years have you studied French?

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We're leaving the day after tomorrow.

My child likes to sleep between me and my wife.

I'm afraid I've run short of coffee.

This music allows you to relax after work.

Are you being sarcastic?

Loyd barely escaped death.

The child is going on seven.

Don't leave your hands outside the window.

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

I think I've been here before.

We like music.

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Sometimes it's great to spend some time alone.

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Joon ate all the ice cream.

How long has George lived there?

It's all they talk about.

There are lots of things I haven't told you yet.

Maybe you ought to let Leads do what he wants to do.

Now this is a good idea.

Get her to call me.

Kathryn apologized today.

Perception is often more important than reality.

Miracles do happen.

Put the knives and forks back in the cupboard.

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Does that mean we're in trouble?

Catch as catch can.

As a teacher, I hate having to get my students' attention.


As communism has collapsed, capitalism is now accused of trying to "dominate the world."


What good would that be?

He'll be asleep.

I thought I could get more.


I am to blame.

Hold on for your lives.

He is concerned about his parent's health.

I don't love Loren enough to marry her.

I want to buy my car back.

The man you saw in my office yesterday is from Belgium.

I want Lou to suffer.

I didn't actually see Oleg kiss Anatoly.

King admitted that she had dabbled in the magical arts.


They felt menaced.


Thank you for calling me.

Kristian is on a strict diet.

Lately everyone seems happy.


He's likely to come.

You're a better driver than I am.

What am I going to do with a football club exactly?

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The Germans were very friendly.

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I have many vices, but fast food isn't one of them.


I want to know what you think.

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They're right behind me.

Mohammad is working with Jeremy.

He lives in a big city in the south of Spain.

I lent him a CD.

She considered it.

You've gained weight, haven't you?

There's nothing any of us can do for Clay now except let him die with dignity.

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He returned home after a long absence.


I don't think we need to worry.

Don't open this box.

I don't like to smile unless I have a reason.

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There is nothing done.


She misses her family very much.

Omar neatly folded her clothes and placed them in her dresser drawers.

We lost sight of Jack in the crowd.


By the way, what is your address?

I didn't mean to hit Tim.

I found these.

Can't you sit the story out for a while?

Did you all know that?

You wouldn't like him.

That child stared at me, his mouth agape.

His parents tried to make him understand how important a good education is.

I'll be glad to come.

You're really beautiful.

The sea was calm.

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You're with me, OK?


Metin drank a lot.

I like his music.

Much to my disappointment, she did not come.


Are we leaving soon?

What does the earth look like from space?

We have three spare rooms, none of which can be used.

Iron is tempered by heating and sudden cooling.

She won popularity in the town.


My sister plays with dolls.


Unfortunately, by the time we got there the train had been gone for fifteen minutes.