Clyde has three cameras.

I'm here to talk about them.


He came by car instead of by train.

"You've had two wishes already," the hag said, "but your second wish was for me to return everything to the way it was before you had made your first wish. This is why you remember nothing."

Nothing can stop her.

I can't believe you're really going to college.

What a lovely view!

The dog went for the postman.

Cecilia finally managed to do what he was trying to do.

Japan is bounded by water on every side.

"Okay, now I've been completely honest with you." "Honest, my ass! I don't believe a single word you say."

Alone against everybody.

This computer has a Pentium microprocessor.

Let's not discuss it.

The preceding month was very rainy.

Dick usually takes a shower before breakfast.

The composer is wrestling with the new music.

He knows how to use this weapon.

A doctor is necessary.

What's the minimum salary in Slovakia?

I'll tell them you helped out.

Take this medicine, and you will feel better.

What is the name of the lady who must not be named?

I wash my hands because they're dirty.

He was removed from his post because he was idle.

Can you expand on that?

I just want what everyone wants.

Eugene doesn't have to be here.

I study.

I've only been here for a month.

I'll think about it.

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An inch is now precisely 2.54 centimeters.

Jim took care of our dog while we were in Boston.

Good conductors of heat are usually good conductors of electricity, but that puts the causal relation backwards. Conduction-band electrons can't help but transport kinetic energy, which--randomized--is heat. Putting heat before electricity is reasonable only because of the rarity of materials like diamond that conduct heat via the quasi-particles called phonons, which are communicable crystal-lattice vibrations.

Which are you better at, boogie-boarding or surfing?

I will marry a beautiful Estonian woman.

I don't want to stay here a minute longer than I have to.

Starbuck is guilty, isn't he?

Scientists have discovered that unicorns once lived in Siberia.

Can we, humans, digest grass and take a nurishment from it?

He told me how to play chess.

His name is known to everyone.

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Even with his glasses, he doesn't see very well.

It is mid-autumn now.

What's that going to achieve?

Go inside and change into your bathing suit.

I have seldom heard from her.

Making jewelry is a lot easier than it sounds like it would be.

We'll be there at 2:30.

I'm having fun watching the children playing.

I study French at home.


I believe that I need a good night's sleep.

We are looking for volunteers.

That isn't what I meant.

I think you're going to have problems with Thad.

The Battle of San Jacinto began at four o'clock in the afternoon.

The spell of drought did severe damage to the harvest.

Are you game for a swim?


The sky is getting light.

Marguerite's reply didn't surprise anyone.

I don't think about it much.

A successful business is built on careful financial management.

They seem completely absorbed in each other.

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He spoke with Isidore several times.


Major is a devout Catholic.

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We think we can handle that.

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Come home as soon as you can.

What's Kylo doing out of jail?

Finally, he lost his temper.

First, catch your hare, then cook him.

Please don't be late.

Think of the Egyptian pyramids. How were they built?

Sridharan dug through his closet looking for something.


I will be free next Saturday.


I can speak Chinese, but I can't write it.

If Esperanto were an easy language I wouldn't need a proofreader.

Open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

She put her arms around me and hugged me.

The audience buzzed with excitement.

Knut made a terrifying threat against Lindsey.

I see this.

Olof let his chooks out so they could roam free in the garden.

It's fun to learn about foreign cultures.

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"You were thinking about Andreas." "I was not! I was thinking about work."


It was a fine day and there were no clouds in the sky.

You're right, of course.

We're checking into that.

Humans are a highly social species.

Perhaps we should just leave Raif alone.


She insisted on going abroad, but her father told her not to.


I believe that you will love it!

Sabotage was suspected.

I won't eat the apple's core.

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He gave a powerful testimony.

He keeps quiet so that he won't disturb his father.

She would like to have another cup of coffee.

Albert pretended like it never happened.

Coleen usually walks to school if it's not raining.


You had better not smoke so much.

See what the humans can do!

What was the last concert you went to?

"The Old Man and the Sea" is a novel by Hemingway.

That may be true.


Clayton stared at Kevin in shock.

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I really want to talk to them.

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Get your shit together!

You can't mistake it.

The military power of this country is very advanced.

We go to the Buddhist shrine. It is beautiful.

I am having trouble with one thing after another.

I'll pay.

He's an unlucky guy.


I'll have to take her with me.

I intend to study the subject at a postgraduate level.

We heard him come down the stairs.

Modesty doesn't pay in the long run.

The criminal was arrested by the police.

We very often only come to appreciate someone or our relationship with them when we lose them.

The machine is now in operation.

I go to bed very early.

I don't want to embarrass myself.


Samir couldn't be bribed.

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His car ran into a tree.

I suppose I can ask him.

A few years ago, in San Francisco, a young woman came to us for vocational advice.

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Don't be so stingy.

I just didn't believe Bud.

How was the fishing?

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What time do you think Dori will be back?

Raja wants to have a meeting with you.

I resemble my mother.

Roxie does a lot of things well.

She told the joke with a straight face.

And what did she answer?

Simon's the laziest of her schoolmates.


Don't you feel any inconvenience living abroad?

It was such a boring speech that I fell asleep.

Bonnie was very hardworking.

Piercarlo was so angry that he couldn't speak.

Tell Seymour that he needs to make sure he doesn't forget to renew his passport.


The kidnappers blindfolded them.

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I've met Jay several times.

Several of the reports were missing.

Man is the only animal that uses fire.


Benson told Len that he wasn't hungry.


He wants to work at the hospital.

He drives to work.

Mr Suzuki, as far as I know, has not returned from Hawaii yet.

I am poor at swimming.

Marguerite is working as a security guard.


There's a cat in the back alley.

Erik doesn't care whether Dawson stays or not.

At this second shock, I began to cry.


Nutritious food helps support healthy organs.

You are a professional, but I am an amateur.

Maria filtered the water.

Spy's car is still out back.

It was delicious.


Kanthan was listening to black metal.

Where were you loafing?

This was a lame attempt to conceal the fact that the author of this sentence has nothing to say.

That sounds racist to me.

Suddenly I understood what they had done.

It's the law: always buckle your safety belt in cars and airplanes.

I know your name.

I must cut down expenses.

Her anxiety almost drove her wild.