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Mongo seems to be getting fatter.

One can't do lots of things at the same time.

I did you a favor.

Thank you for letting me crash.

No, I didn't go out.

Just relax. Everything's going to be all right.

I'd rather be hanged than shot.

Where did you get the money to buy that dress?

If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

Mahesh dyed his hair gray so he'd look older.

We always shout when we are angry.

I will make certain of the situation.

The actor is nowhere near as popular as he used to be.

I didn't believe him at first.

I guess there was some talk of that.


All things considered, we cannot say that it is wrong.


All the vibraslap does is remind everyone of the band Cake, which may be undesirable in some situations.

You're a mess.

I didn't like that.

It's like a dream.

You may not have time.

I proudly grant you this.

I guess I'm a little antsy.

It matters little if we are late.

Glen will never live up to his parents' expectations.


Your wife's on the phone. She says it's urgent.

You're a very gifted artist.

I'm going to my sister's.

He gets angry at the slightest thing.

She says she can't play billiard, but she wins every time. It must be the beginner's luck.

To all appearance it is true.

I don't want you to hurt Rodent.

Call up Nicolette right away.

This is a valid point of view.

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It occurred to me that the man was trying to cheat me out of my money.

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Ritalynne wasn't aware of the gravity of the situation.

Did you really break up with her over the phone? That's rude.

He won a narrow victory in the race.

Ariel tried to leave, but Mariou blocked his way.

It's very obvious that Rudy doesn't understand French very well.

Hand me that magazine.

The reason for declaring war is not certain.


France and Spain have a common border.

I swear it wasn't me.

Paola's surprised.

"Where is her book?" "It's on the table."

I'm trapped.

Children want their way and are bound to get into arguments.

I am going to work.

Chuck believes in strange things.

Aiming at great souls, you would not miss.

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Does he go to school on foot or by bicycle?

I just heard them.

Colonization of other planets is one of our top priorities.

They were waiting to be rescued.

The unclaimed items were sold off at auction.

Tracy hates opera.

He has nothing to complain about.

When was it that Srivatsan visited Lonhyn in the hospital?

I had to tear him away from his book.


Till death do us part.

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Lord said I was going to die.

A cube has six sides.

I don't work during the week, just weekends.


Ken inquired about his father.

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What'll they do to her?

She was dressed fit to kill.

It has dawned upon my mind that you are in the right.

I missed the departmental meeting because I was sick.

I'm glad you've come back.

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Tomorrow we leave for Stockholm!

Where's everyone else?

We laughed.


The pot calls the kettle black!

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This is not a joke.

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Don't you also think that out politicians are too old?


I need that.

Price is just about as tall as you are.

Her charm does not consist only in her beauty.

I like my brandy straight.

I hadn't thought of that.

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There's an extra charge for breakfast.

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Sorry, I have other commitments.

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It was a near miss.

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Louie isn't the traitor.

This is a beautiful home.

Marek told me I could find you here.


Some people are nicer than others.

He made a very valuable discovery.

Let's see what else we can find out about that matter.

Did you see them?

Sal's favorite movie is Brokeback Mountain.

Hohn told Claude that he had a new girlfriend.

The public at large are dissatisfied with the present government.

I will wait here till he comes.

What's this exactly?

That'll show them.

I love you, sweet heart.


In Massachusetts, a man is not allowed to marry his wife's grandmother.


Dark tourism consists in getting kicks from the world's poverty and misery.


I don't believe he always arrives late.

I didn't understand because they spoke in a low voice.

Srinivasan became a hero in his hometown.

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She has never forgotten those rules.

I applied for this job.

Of course, I understand.

He is not handsome, to be sure, but he is good-natured.

She is wearing a nice watch.


Illness prevented me from attending the party.

We all have our own eccentricities.

Ole told me to ask everybody.

Stephen didn't seem preoccupied.

It's quite natural for him to think so.


Put your coat back on.


You'd better get down here right away.

Spelling is writing or saying, in the correct sequence, the letters that make up a word.

"I left at six yesterday." "To take the train?" "No, to buy some Christmas presents."


I miss my family and my country.


He resolutely pushed forward from the start, overwhelming and pushing out his off-balance opponent.


Chris kept going.

Lawrence didn't flaunt his wealth.

I'm 1.9 meters tall.

I'm glad it worked out that way.

A blood transfusion is necessary.

Each time I went to see him, I found him at work.

The cat ran up the tree.


Let me have another look at that.

I can't understand this word. Do you have a dictionary?

Carol looks interested.

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I'm only going to say this once, so you better listen.


Pam told me he'd be late.


She kisses his cheek.

Dory has got a severe concussion.

There are a blackboard, a lamp, a door, two windows, twelve chairs and a desk; there are many students as well.

It's like I was talking to a wall.

He can read English easily.

The other day, I bought a camera.

This year's harvest will fall short of that of last year.

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I love the scrapbook Radek made for me.

Gerald thought Linda seemed really happy.

He had the presumption to reject my proposal.


The Japanese have tried to learn the Western way of thinking and feeling for the past hundred years.


Robbin will be jealous.

At last, the ugly frog said to the princess: "I've eaten to fullness, and I'm tired. Now take me to your little room, make your little silk bed, and there we'll lie down and sleep."

I thought it was Monday.


I think I may know where to find Raj.

Bullying is a serious problem, but we have to understand that setting out to eliminate it entirely isn't a realistic proposition.

Emil should know that already.

Can I have a friend paged?

At first I thought I liked the plan, but on second thought I decided to oppose it.

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Matthias agreed to do what we asked him to do.


You are backing yourself into a bad emotional corner.


Some things you shouldn't even say jokingly.

This is a bad neighborhood.

Thanks for paying for the meal.

I don't know if I'll have time.

I will come if I have time.