The Internet is an irresistible tsunami.

Why would you even want to work here?

What's the best way to chop an onion?

I know that you don't like me.


My wife is throwing a baby shower for her best friend.


I can't understand the problem.

Why doesn't he visit me anymore?

The movements of this robot are awkward.


He laughed at my pronunciation.

As long as it's not too much of a bother, people like to be nice to other people.

I'm good for now.

Rome's destiny was to conquer the world.

Can I touch you?

I really want to know what's going on here.

With your talent, you should be able to make a lot of money.

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I promised Archie that we'd help him.

She came in through the back door lest she be seen.

He hasn't been married long.


Deb asked Pantelis to help him reformat the hard disk.

Where is the bus terminal?

I have to get to Micah.


You shouldn't lie to Joni.

What do you two do for fun?

While they were away on holiday, their neighbours looked after the dog.

Everyone looked at us.

He took a mirror and carefully examined his tongue.


You can't hurt him.


My heart aches.


Jarmo thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.

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People came to the concert hall to listen to the famous orchestra.

My cousin is good at doing magic tricks.

It's my turn to roll the dice.


My behavior was very odd.

The story got more and more interesting.

Stephen is one of my students.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create the world's largest dictionary?

Everett refused to accept the money.

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The problem will be easier to solve if you write the system of equations as a matrix.

This evening we are going to dine at Novo's house.

Did you tell Alvin what he needed to know?

I like your attitude.

They stepped on board the airplane.

A drop of sweat ran down his nose.

Would you mind if I gave Srinivasan a call?

I'm looking for your sister. Where is she?

Can't you just leave me alone?

It was just a joke.

I must admit that, despite loving our friendship, I think I'm also starting to love you.


Nhan branded the calf.

I have other plans for you.

You should try to live within your income.

She was sure the man was telling a lie.

It's actually not that difficult.

Dan often went to take a walk in that wood.

Whether I be rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, I have nothing to prove to you.

This necklace of Jane's is a gift from her grandmother.

He doesn't know what it is to be poor.

His pale face showed a flush of excitement.

Thao is like Joey in "Shane".

This coffee is too bitter.

Tell him to shut up.

This is going to get ugly.

You're really out of line, you know that.


I've been asking questions.

Hsi has a ring.

It is very pleasant to cross the ocean by ship.

Troy doesn't want anything to drink.

I don't think it'll be any problem.

I think I need to talk to him.

The job is not suitable for young girls.


I normally get off work at about 8 o'clock in the evening.


No matter how old you get, you can still learn.


You implied that you knew what you were doing.

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I like doing this.

I have quit smoking and drinking.

He drove the truck to Dallas.

Alfred submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.

Even I would have helped you.

Please contact me later.

Beth's father discussed with her how strongly he expects her to be quiet.

Do you have one of these?

I'm sure he would approve.

The climate of Florida in the wintertime is milder than that of Iowa.

Employers cannot refuse to hire workers because of their race, religion, ethnic origin, skin colour, sex, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

Are you going to give this to her?

This book is about education.

We need to discuss many things.

He's always like that.

He was so angry as to be unable to speak.

He knows how to play baseball.

You could do that.

I had a terrible stomachache.

When I first came back to Boston, I was really lonely.

He began to indulge in drinking after he lost his wife.


Didn't they light a fire?

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I don't want to disappoint her.

Even tough it's such a big garden, it would be wasted if we let it get overrun with weeds.

I pretended to be working.

I don't completely trust you.

Did you buy a dog?

My mother feels better.

What a shot!

I thought I'd understand it once you explained it to me.

Carolyn plays the baritone saxophone and Woody plays the alto saxophone.

I'll do whatever it takes to get you back.

You may as well go yourself.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

She couldn't be sold for gold or silver, so she just stayed there and watched.

It'll only take a minute.


She refused to take the money.

I'm angry!

Boyd sat down at the table with her friends.


Just when she said "Ooh, what a beautiful star," a star fell across the sky and a blue light quickly fainted in a diagonal trajectory, dragging behind a faint tail.

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The young couple included their parents among their Thanksgiving guests.

What a dignified man!

Tigers are bigger and stronger than cats.

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Crack two eggs into a bowl, then whisk them together with some milk.

Raymond wants us to go to Boston to visit John.

If you're planning on doing it anyway, the sooner, the better.

I said come alone.

Chuck hasn't been around much.

He looked very terrified after car crash.

I thought you had more sense than that.

He went to bed at about 10 o'clock.

Every company has a firm business plan.

I was injured.

I am looking forward to it.

We don't have enough cake to go around.

She is wrong.

The streets are brightly lit.

The arrangements are subject to change without notice.


The parking lot is nearly empty.

Are you the guy who called?

Calm down, Tatoeba is not a girl, it's just a website.

I cannot solve the problem on my own.

English is used by many people.

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It's the pinnacle of luxury.


This tree is more than a century old.


You know you don't have to do this, Deirdre.

That's not something I would joke about.

Huashi wasn't wearing socks, so his feet were cold.


I can't agree with you on this matter.

Honzo wants to know what time you'll be getting here.

We are constrained to and restrained from an action.

It should take three weeks, give or take a day or two.

I want to spend all my life with you.

Write to him for me, Jan.

I couldn't survive without Andries.


Do you know his number?

You should obey your parents.

I've got things under control.


He kicked me in the side.

I'm sorry for that.

I wonder if you would kindly introduce us to someone.

I would like to write a book.

Why did you cancel your trip?


It is rare that he should make such a mistake.

I had my bicycle stolen last night.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Mom was at a loss about what to do with the mess.

But they are all people.


We saw the sea reflected in the mirror of the restaurant.

His real name's Think.

Would you please show me how it's done?

Words may pass but blows fall heavy.

Jef is a small-town boy who made good.