I've been worrying about that.

I think I have a good chance of winning.


Glenn fired first.

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The girls were sitting right next to each other.


He is not the person these people think he is.


I racked my mind to find a solution to the riddle but eventually failed to find one.

That's a huge achievement.

He has lived in Kobe for three years.

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Sofoklis is really acting strange.

What a millstone!

Don't contradict me.

This is where I was born.

The descent to hell is easy.

It looks like you got some more flowers from your secret admirer.

Do you feel self-conscious about being a nuisance to those around you?

I gave it to him.

I was quite upset.

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Earl and Malaclypse barricaded themselves in the room.

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They were watching the sunset then.

Secondary education has two sides.

That was a complete waste of time.


I have the impression it rained all day.

He has a huge ego.

I am thinking about buying a new parasol.

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What's that scratch?

You're going to have to quit skipping classes.

Sri took Darci in her arms and hugged him.

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You do want that, don't you?

It is ten years since I left college.

Vern told me he had skipped breakfast.


At the time, you were outside.

You didn't even try.

Hilda is the richest man in the universe.

She didn't share her husband's excitement.

Fool me once, I'm mad. Fool me twice, how could you? Fool me three times, you're officially that guy, okay? You know him, you know the one. You go to the bar and he's like, "This suit is like, uh, officially it's a Giorgio Armani, actually my dad knows him." Fuck you! I ain't havin' that shit!

These types of books have almost no value.

Do you believe in miracles? You don't? But they believe in you.

They need not do it at once.

I'm good at science.

How could you do such a thing to me?

Jeanne stopped singing.


Handle this very carefully.

Marguerite doesn't like to be kept waiting.

You wait right here.


I almost kissed him.

I only just met him.

"Now that I think of it, where's Tanimoto?" "Playing the lone wolf, as always."

He is popular among us.

Stop resisting!


He flatly refused to let me in.


Just say yes or no.

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There's no room for us to sit down.


Courage is like an umbrella: When you need it most you don't have it.

I'll buy Miek a new one.

Let her take care of it.

Her nails are red.

Our Chinese guests ordered a dog for dinner.

The baseball match will come off next week.

It is a pity that he should miss such a chance.


You'll find the way all right once you get to the station.

What is important is not which university you've graduated from but what you've learned in the university.

How much intolerance are we prepared to tolerate?

I've got two brothers and a sister.

Are you still in the job?


I feel much better.

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Mariah's father was an African-Venezuelan.

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The Nazis wiped his name out of the history books.

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Earle is allergic to seafood.

I purchased a new car last year.

Philippe tried to say something, but couldn't.


I won't see you today. I'll see you tomorrow, though.

Are you sure Isaac's going to be there?

You still have so much to learn.

My children like licorice sticks.

My hip hurts.


They're insane.

I want to know Kamiya's every move.

She went over the list to see if her name was there.


Do you know how to differentiate between poison ivy and poison oak plants?

The child bothered him with questions.

Jennifer said he was going to try out for his school soccer team.


No one likes him.


What cold drinks do you have?

Mom-and-pop bakeries were overwhelmed by supermarkets.

If you don't want to become a doctor, how about a medic?

I killed a duck once.

Bookends are very useful things.

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I forgot Irwin was the one who taught you how to play the guitar.

The dog and the cat are sleeping together in a basket.

The president of the company asked Matthieu to fire half of the company's workers. And then he fired Giles.

Stu hadn't expected Wilson to come so early in the morning.

He is a very sincere person.


There are four pieces of furniture in the room.

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I don't want to end up dead.

Niall lives next to me.

My artisan pride cannot tolerate such sloppiness.


It's hard to understand the Osaka dialect.

I have to see him now.

I could investigate it if you.


We can not learn Japanese without learning Kanji.

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That woman is much older than I am.

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Do you have a second for me?

How do you know what's real?

Theo showed Earl a picture of his family.

That's the second time I proved the answer key wrong.

I think we are much better off than we used to be.


We ran down the hill.

You need a photograph.

Micky doesn't have any plans for tomorrow.


It took me three days to read through this book.

My mom bought me a new skirt.

Basho was the greatest poet.


How do I explain that to them?

Irwin ought to have studied harder.

Are you ready for spring?

I stepped Sean's dog's tail.

How to meet future energy demand is a big question we must consider.


The door wouldn't shut.


They went out of the room, one after another.

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I'd appreciate it if you'd wait a little bit longer.

Miriam is always daydreaming.

Please set me down at the next corner.

He was looking upward to the sky.

A dash of vinegar is all the salad needs.


The tall guy smoking a cigar over there is a famous director.


Have you ever loved a man?


With one glorious right hook, Punkin' Pie uncrowned the reigning heavyweight champion.


She is living an unhappy life.

I feel like a brand new person.

Lila is quite satisfied with the result.

Olof should be here any second.

Behind our house there are three beautiful apple trees with little red apples.

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The art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds to satisfy it afterwards.

Did you have any trouble finding this place?

He said that he had met her a week before.

Three years have passed since we married.

We thought it natural that he should get excited.

This container is completely watertight.

I would have asked about it, but he was absent.

Emily is going to her room.

There was no indication that anything was wrong.


Mara is a talented young man.

Did you want to meet with him?

Coleen is romantic, isn't he?

He worked for five hours on end.

Many economists are ignorant of that fact.


Today, women's only consideration in marriage is probably if you love him or not, if he loves you or not, whether he is sincere and heartfelt towards you, whether there will be pressure with him, whether there will be happiness, and not what his possessions are!


My uncle gave his car to me.


You can come together.


He had three sons.