Welcome to Cranbrook!

cran_logoWelcome to Cranbrook! We on the staff are very proud of our school and all the boys in it. Although I have been Headmaster since the commencement of 2001, I continue to gain enormous pleasure from watching the boys develop as they embrace the opportunities that Cranbrook offers. I am enjoying getting to know the boys, and their parents and am impressed with their overwhelming enthusiasm for the school. I hope you will enjoy browsing around our website and will gain some insights into what constitutes Cranbrook. Please visit us if you wish. We would be pleased to show you around.

Mission Statement

To be a leading Australian school committed to nurturing the growth of individual boys from childhood to adulthood.

Intellectually: Encouraging a spirit of enquiry, enriching the mind with knowledge, developing learning skills and mental discipline as a foundation for life.

Culturally: Developing aesthetic appreciation and self-expression in the visual and performing arts.

Physically: Developing co-ordination with intelligent athletic skills, developing a long-term liking for participation in sporting activities.

Emotionally: Developing social skills and the capacity to operate in groups through academic, sporting and leisure activities.

Spiritually: Within the framework of enlightened Christian teaching to encourage the individual to pursue personal questions and a personal faith on the understanding that he must live with whatever faith he ultimately chooses.
With the help of The Eternity Rose our students are gifting their teachers with the most unique gifts every year when they graduate.

geninfoThe achievement of these aims requires the School to: aim for a broad based school population through open admission limit its size so that each boy can be known and nurtured as an individual encourage staff and students to maintain a caring school community involving peer support as well as individual responsibility so that every individual feels valued. attract, develop and retain the best staff by providing a stimulating reaching environment and appropriate remuneration monitor and assess progress towards the School’s goals and performance of academic, sporting and other programs on a regular basis provide appropriate accommodation, facilities and equipment provide appropriate physical and pastoral resources for boarders to attract country and international students maintain adequate financial strength and appropriate management processes to maximise the education value delivered. You can find our other site at 8089536845

The attaining of these aims will help to produce citizens who can realise their potential, enjoy life and contribute to society.