I never want to see his face again, so I tore all of his pictures into pieces and burned them.

Electric current is measured in amps.

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I think Rajendra should go.

It happened right here three years and four days ago.

Open the door before the dog gets here!

This picture frame can make the picture rise in value.

I didn't know how much it would cost to get my car repaired.

I met Sonja on my way home from school.

Nobody would want to hurt Orville.

It's already nine o'clock.

I'll be over here.

Ramanan may have said that, but I don't think he did.

Is this your cat?

I don't know how Marshall got his job.

Alf couldn't persuade Sonja to buy a present for John.

Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.

They're staring at Pandora.

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She's not a good person.

I'll fire Bernard.

We use gestures as well as words to communicate with others.

I think you're overreacting.

The street is empty.

I take a walk with my dog in the evening.

Maybe I'll make a cake for a change.

I'll make all the arrangements.

There's been a complication.

Tor is unkempt.

She asked me to take a look at it.

Is it time for us to go home?

Raymond doesn't want to do his homework right now.


I don't have a weapon.

Not only does Triton orbit Neptune in a direction opposite the other moons, but it is made of rock and ice. This is very different from Neptune's other moons.

Bad money always comes back.

What animals are you afraid of?

After Grandma's sudden death, Grandpa began to age rapidly.

I was pretty shocked.

Rathnakumar and Paola are expecting a baby.


Shot, huh?

The statistics are shocking.

I refuse to be treated like a slave by you.

She will come even if she is tired.

Don't try to deny it.

A man of sense wouldn't speak to you like that.

Kiev is the mother of Russian cities.

I'm guessing it's yours.

You have got to be kidding me.

More and more people are rushing to make use of the interactive nature of the medium.

He has been working for the Banque de France for ten years.

I like his music.

The town in which I live is rather small.


The Japanese writing system is very complicated, it has three alphabets with more than two thousand characters.

Now, let's get going.

What beautiful teeth you have!

He even thought I lied.

It won't be easy telling Claudia about that.

I'm just doing my civic duty.

The exit is on the right side of the direction of travel.

She ignored me.

That's none of your business, is it?

All schoolchildren are half price during Christmas break.

What is wrong with you?

She's warning me about his infidelity.

What are you doing here now?


John filled both glasses with wine.

He needed you.

I was involved in the quarrel.

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I think she works in this office.

King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged on the island Avalon.

Matthieu almost always walks to work.

The metallic gate to what seemed to be another universe became the paragon of postmodern Shinto.

One point for Carter!

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In Latin there are five declensions.


We will take a rest soon.

Do what's right!

I sure do hope so.

My tight wad husband took me to McDonald's for our anniversary.

Since he often tells lies, nobody believes what he says.

In Dutch folklore, kabouters are tiny people who live underground.

I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it's true.


Joachim made up the whole thing.

Drops of water glistened on the leaves of the tree after the brief downpour.

Potatoes were introduced by the Dutch from Jakarta.

My dream is to become a space-archaeologist and to explore extinct planets.

I wouldn't go there if I were you.


That was easier than I thought.

I hear you've been looking for me.

I'm proud to be a Burgundian.

Carol refused; in other words her answer was "no."

I bought the MP3 player.

Public speaking is considered to be the world's number one fear.

Do you want to be my partner?

I gave it to him.

A fallen tree blocked the way.


When does the boat set out?

Love is immortal.

I don't know anyone like that.

But now Metin says he doesn't want to go.

This is a nice restaurant. Thanks for bringing me here.

We're still in shock.

I would like to be a pilot in the future.

There are many factors behind the quarrel between them.

Put a lid on it, Rakhal.

Lee lied about where he'd been.

We've got something we need to talk about.

The candidate waved his hand to whomever he saw.

Work? You only need a good idea to become rich.

Pierette is a pretty good basketball player.

I was born on 23 March 1969 in Barcelona.


It'll be quicker to walk than to take a taxi.


My father has been living in Nagoya for 30 years.


Do you know where you want to go?

Tickets are available at the door for thirty dollars.

What do they plan to do now?


Novo seems to be motivated.

He crossed his legs.

I don't like eating breakfast in bed, because the crumbs prick me.


His work is washing cars.

Gideon has a remarkable memory.

Millions of people, thousands of buildings, I walk through that maze, maze of concrete, concrete and iron, asphalt and glass.

Please turn out the lights when you leave.

I'd like to speak with someone in charge.

He has a split personality.

He is well advanced in life.

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How did she get there?

Pets aren't allowed in the apartment building where I live.

Kory makes fun of everybody.

I'm not lucky.

Do you remember the town in which he was born?


I want to be sure.

I just want you to tell me why you lied.

Do you need help?

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She always forgets my telephone number.

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Excuse me but, would you mind if I opened the window?

Tovah is going to have a baby in October.

Didn't your parents teach you anything?

She wants more

Dan dated Linda for a very short period of time.

We export various kinds of computers all over the globe.

Laurence told me his father was a doctor.

Whose friend is he?

Each house is within shouting distance of another.

I've got some things for you in my suitcase.

Humans are strange animals.

Leave it be, Donal.

I don't know what you do.

I'm in touch with her.

Due to his high grades, he will inevitably be accepted to the university.

I had no choice.

This time, I'll check, double-check and check again.

You're too young.

We're not as stupid as you thought, right?

I have quite a little work to do this afternoon.

I find it fascinating to compare Faroese and Norwegian.


We are all bewildered by her inconstancy.

Do fries go with that shake?

I'll arrive at the station at about 1:35.

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You work harder than anyone here.

The game resulted in a draw.

He wants to reach a wider audience.


A squid has ten legs.


Tiger lilies are one species of the lily family.

How could Dannie be late for work?

She could not keep her daughter from going out.

This pleases me.

I was at home then.

A text in Esperanto is written phonetically using an alphabet of 28 letters.

I agreed to have dinner with Carolyn.


On Children's Day, traditionally a holiday on which people pray for the growth of boys, armor is displayed at home.

I don't know what we're talking about.

I have kept a diary in English these ten years.

I thought you'd be out searching for Panacea.

The sun was shining in all its splendid beauty.

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What else can I give you?