Custom and Special Interest Tours are a great way to travel for families, groups of friends, and students of all ages!

Our experienced guide, Sam Couch, can arrange a custom tour focusing on Irish music, culture, traditional crafts, history, archaeology, language, sacred sites or any subject that interests you.

With his extensive knowledge of Ireland, Sam will add just the right personal touch to

designing and leading the custom escorted tour of your choice.

Custom escorted tours that meet your particular desires!

  • Our tours are meant to be intimate, friendly, and relaxing cultural adventures.
  • Your choice of accommodations: castles, great houses, hotels, or B&Bs.
  • You choose the sites we see!
  • Many opportunities to get to know the locals go about their daily lives.

While catching a glimpse into the everyday Irish and Scottish life, you'll get a one-of-a-kind escorted tour going to the places YOU  want to visit, see, and places YOU  would like to stay be it a castle, a great house, a hotel or a B&B. We build your trip based YOUR desires and ideas!

Dr. Sam Couch has been giving tours in Ireland since 1984 and is both certified by Tourism Ireland and  the Scottish Tourism Board. Sam's expertise in all things Celtic has developed and matured as he's pursued studies in Irish literature, archaeology, language, geography, and traditional Irish culture. If you want to see the Ireland that no one else gets to see, Sam is your guide!

Book your vacation of a lifetime with us today! We specialize in creating escorted tours to meet your idea of a great vacation and with the flexibility you won't get anywhere else! No big tour buses or traveling in large groups. See the the wonder of the Ireland/Scottish culture with a personal guide.

Highly Recommend!

What a wonderful time I had! I thoroughly enjoyed the sights! I’m not much of a history buff but the ruins and everything we saw and did contributed to making this a memorable trip……and I find that when I see or hear about these sights I can remember them and comment with at least a little knowledge.

Brenda Aldridge

Great Life Experience!

I really enjoyed trip to Ireland.  Would advise anyone to take a trip with you.I thought we saw a lot in the 10 days, got the feel of the area, had great B& B’S, wonderful food. Impressed with the places you took us to eat and we could order ANYTHING!! Being a small group let us change it up as needed due to weather or all of us ready to go. Could speed day up or slow it down. How wonderful. Your cards, gifts and emails leading up to trip and afterwards made us look forward to going and feel special from beginning to end.  Thanks again for a GREAT life experience trip! Loved Ireland.

Jane B Franklin

What a Special Trip!

Thank you Sam! You made our trip to Ireland sooo special! People ask “what was your favorite part”? Everyday held its own special sights and people! Forever memories! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for Ireland!

Susan Sanders

10 Days of the True Irish Country

I have had several people asked, who did out trip….If you want a wonderful tour of beautiful Ireland call Dr. Sam Couch at Rising Road Tours. This is what we covered in ten days of seeing the true Irish country…. We had so much fun and stayed in B & B’s that were very different than the usual…. I will always remember these places and the sweet people and the crazy Bama Belles….where are we going next year????

Peggy Humphrey

Most Enjoyable & Memorable Vacation!

I’ve traveled to many countries and most of the states. Many were self-guided but I’ve done the tour bus and cruise ship thing also. Of all my trips, touring Ireland with Sam Couch as our guide was the most enjoyable and memorable. Sam made all the lodging arrangements, did all the driving and knew the good places to eat. Thus we could relax and enjoy each moment of the trip. He was extremely patient with us and we never felt hurried.Sam’s intimate knowledge of Ireland’s history, people and culture helped guide us to many sites rarely visited by tourists. He answered our many questions as we went along adding to our enjoyment and appreciation of what we were seeing. We came home with a scrapbook full of memories and a deeper understanding of Ireland and its people.One final note: If you haven’t traveled to Ireland, by all means go. It is an interesting country and the Irish treat Americans like family who are coming home to visit, as so many are. If you want to get the most out of your trip, tour with Sam Couch as your guide.

Bob Baker

Sam’s Knowledge is Amazing!

He took 8 ladies on the tour (my husband said there is no amount of money that would make him do that) & we had a great time. Sam shared history, life styles, & personal experience with us. Information that we would have never had otherwise.  He made sure everything was perfect. This is the only way to travel in Ireland & Scotland. He makes the tour personalized just for you. Tell him what you are interested in, want to do, etc. & he does the rest. The only thing he asked of you is NO SCREAMING, while in the van. Some of the roads really aren’t made for two cars to pass at the same time.  That’s just the way it is in Ireland. You will have the time of your life!!!!! I did!!!!

Dianne Beard

One-of-a-Kind Trip!

Thanks very much for our trip, which was so well planned, and so interesting. I have been in 17 countries, on various trips. I did live in New Zealand for a year, but your trip was the only other one in which we really got a good grounding in the history of the country, and got a good all-around look at the geography, the various counties, the cities, and met the people close up… I…appreciated your hard work, and the attention to little details. I loved not having to worry about accommodations, and not having to drag out our wallets after meals, and just walking into museums and visitor centers. Also, your driving us about was appreciated… There were a lot of added touches – Ita’s House and her poetry recitation, Ben Bulben, W B Yeats, being out on the boat with Paddy, looking up at Slieve League, Michael Quirke, and walking down the trail to the Giant’s Causeway, the High Crosses at Monasterboice, Newgrange, Kilclooney, Kilmainham jail, Kylemore Abbey, Purcell House, Aughnanure Castle, the Cliffs of Moher… Lots to think about, and remember – thanks again.

William Wehrmeister

Each Day Brought New Surprises!

Rising Road Tours created a memorable ten-day holiday in Ireland for our small group. Each day’s activities, led by Dr. Sam Couch – our driver/guide – brought new surprises: delightful farm house stays, magnificent scenery, well-chosen historical sites, Irish story tellers, and a steady supply of wonderful en route coffee stops, local Irish pubs, and restaurants. Sam’s extensive knowledge about Ireland and his many Irish acquaintances kept us entertained from plein air high cross rubbing to the sacred and dark interior of Newgrange. A trip not to miss!

Bill & Mary Todt

Sam Brought the Country to Life!

For many years my daughter and I have dreamed and talked about  THE TRIP  to Ireland we would take someday.  We went, we were not disappointed and will go back again.  The reason is Dr. Samuel L. Couch, owner of Rising Road Tours.  He brought the country to life while showing us the best parts of Historic Ireland.  Everywhere we went we were greeted by locals who know Sam and were happy to see him and have us visit them.  Because he made information personal and up close, Sam told us things we could not have gotten out of the guide book.  While listening to him speak you could envision the events happening and the people they were happening to.  Never having been outside the United States, we were nervous about travel overseas.  Sam sent us information that suggested what to bring for clothes and spending money and photo taking, etc.  We were given all the information we needed, we followed it and we had a vacation that ran very smooth and was very enjoyable.  The craftsmen we visited, and purchased from, were all first rate in their field.  Shipping was arranged for the larger items and those we took with us were packaged very well. We were even able to take lessons on the national drum of Ireland, the Bodhran, at the Irish-language college Oideas Gael. Sam was very flexible, as my husband and I like more structure in our lives and my daughter and her husband love to go where the wind blows them. He is very accommodating, funny and made the whole trip so interesting, it was a joy to get up each morning and wonder  Where are we going today and what lies around the next curve in the road.

Art & Sue Nassef