His sudden appearance surprised us all.

We should've bought another bottle of wine.

Tobias is an enormously gifted musician.

There's nothing more to discuss.

Shannon is still in the car.

Ten million workers still did not have jobs.

The people at large are against war.

I must find some new friends.

They had strokes.

Even now, the typical worker's whole life is still bound up with the company he works for.


Were you angry?

Let's rent a bike there.

What kind of trees are those?

A drop of sweat ran down his neck.

Why were you there?


Brandon is not as tall as Moses.


In other words, he betrayed us.


Are you going out tomorrow?


I think Mann is sincere.


Even though I studied French for three years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.

What happens today?

Thanks to your stupidity, we lost the game.

I was having my lunch, when the phone rang.

He had no hat on.


Stanley suggested that the meeting be postponed until Monday.

I am going to work out the problem by myself.

After the birth of your child, you should make your work part-time.

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Work is more important.


I speak Japanese, English, and French.


Can we prove it?


He was walking in front of the car.

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Cleopatra lived closer to our time than she lived to the building of the pyramids.

He's a good judge of character.

The clerk labeled the baggage.

It is in the nature of birds to fly and build nests.

Why don't you come over here and sit with me?

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That was very reassuring.


Lay down on the couch.


The lawyer insisted on his innocence.


Who'll pay the bill?

Why have you been so miserable lately?

Rafael is back from his trip.

Jamie is a Vietnam veteran.

I'll have to try it again.


That guy over there doesn't even look like Panacea.

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He gave me no less than 10000 yen.

Among my acquaintances are many Japanese-speaking Americans.

It was a shocking development.

God, this place is huge!

Do you have two books?

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Four boys amused themselves playing cards.

Leave a message.

Snow fell early this winter.

What is your goal?

Panzer has visited Boston before.

Clear up the cause.

Greg arrived late.


Electronics provides a multi-stage and simple adjustment of the air flow.

This door won't open.

He wasn't as handsome as she told me.

It's desirable to take a picture of the goods during the review.

I like my brandy straight.

I'm going to take a shower.

I'll make myself scarce.

Dan took his uniform to a dry-cleaner's.

What's important is that she stayed at my side.

It is difficult to translate a poem into another language.

Myrick punched somebody.

The rain spoiled our picnic.

His next production was a very ambitious musical.


The world of thinking is a mosaic of visions, expressed through language.

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They are in the final part of the race.


We just don't know what it means.

There isn't time to do that.

That day I ate lunch there.


Did you hear the news?

Why wouldn't you let me get a driver's license?

I'm not wearing a wig.

I'm a tourist, too.

I like wild flowers.


What have you done with my pen?

Kevyn became a Catholic.

She was thrilled with his presence.

The husband wakes up his wife.

Bea ran back to his car.

Let's do the homework together.

Sherri doesn't like milk.

I told you everything I knew.

He turned a somersault.

Can you tell us what's going on?

I see my reflection in the window.


Polly shops online.

Don't believe everything you hear about Troy.

Brooke has put on more weight.


My driving instructor says that I need to be more patient.

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You seem to have thought of something else.

The ship transports raw materials from Indonesia.

I'm so disappointed in him.

So is that not right?

Most of the patients in our hospital have no family nearby. They are often left to fend for themselves.

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Although she is rich, she dresses quite simply.


I'll get along on my own. Just go and enjoy your adventure!


It is true he is rich, but he is a miser.

It's water.

Alison used to always wear a watch, but now he just looks at his smart phone.


Some shadow of doubt now covered his face.

He's 6'3" and I'm 5'10".

He didn't return until it was already too late.

It's not a cat. It's a dog.

If the alarm rings, walk, don't run.

Have you forgiven us?

Can I have the sugar, please?

Debbie is making money off us.

I'd be willing to help.


They rejected your plan.

The quiet cat caught the mouse.

Laurel seems to be a bit more shaken than Ruth.

Graham Greene is a favorite author of mine.

She went nearly mad with grief after the child died.

I was late for the last bus.

Bit by bit, I will build up a massive collection for myself.

Remember the days of the old schoolyards.

Look! It's snowing.

Racism is common in many societies.

I heard Rathnakumar won't graduate this year.

The color of the shirt held fast.

We called off the game on account of rain.

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Did you know Polly plays the trombone?

If I had enough time, I would talk with you.

You said that you wanted to go.

The family moved from their native Germany to Chicago around the year 1830.

I have to watch a documentary.

I couldn't make it.

I know you speak French.

Do you have any red pencils?

It is Wednesday.


I am a dancer by trade and I teach jazz dance.


That girl can't ride a bicycle.

I will learn.

Page fooled everybody.

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I was an art major in college at that time.

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As far as I know, he has never made such a mistake.

The librarian looked quite sick.

Theodore's trial is scheduled to begin this November.

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She advised me which I should buy.

She lived in the suburbs of Tokyo when she was young.

His airplane had already left when I got to Narita Airport.

Kikki isn't in his right mind.

We all want to be current.

Give her your seat.

That's just what I wanted.

Is this camera for sale?

I guess I could wait a little bit longer.

This is my friend's letter.

You'd better not eat that cake!

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Roxana called Johann over.

I sat down on the couch next to him.

I try to be aggressive.

The pencil is small.

I think Rudolph doesn't want our help.