What's that look like to you?

As a public official you have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution.


I haven't eaten since breakfast.

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She received a doctor's degree.

She goes by the name of Amy.

He was angry with her.

Don't tell me what to do!

It's somehow warm.

I just might take you up on that offer.

Long, long ago, there lived an old man in a village.

A little mischief can be a good thing.

Empty cans were scattered about the place.

Notice the difference between a sigh of relief and a sigh of grief.

Wood floats.


Don't just sit there! Move!


Ronni's doctor suggested that he cut down on sugar.

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"May I speak to Mr Smith?" "Will you hold the line?"

Hang in there.

Call it a Catch-22, but sometimes, you just can't realistically come out on top.

Manny and I used to watch movies together.

He goes to school on foot.


His hearing is very bad, he is almost deaf.


We tried to save Hwa.

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Bob had had many dangerous adventures during the war.

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Have you got 5,000 yen you could lend me?

It is his defiant attitude that made the chief angry.

I'm going to stay there for about a week.

Have you ever lied to your boyfriend?

Joseph didn't know that Spudboy could speak French.

Leigh and Laurie will do makeup.

We haven't been able to get much help.


It is made partly of wood.

He reads 10 books when he returns to the house.

I don't understand much about it.


Alberto didn't finish the marathon.

He declined to be interviewed.

You're being too picky.

It was a strange interview.

Turkeer called Steven every day.

He was a tall man.

Can you copy it down for me?

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He seemed surprised when I told him.

Is this a sheep or a goat?

"I saw Ramon today." "Who?!"


I study English two hours a day on an average.

You could hear a pin drop.

This broken vase cannot be repaired.


Jayesh is interested in art.


Saad is very good friend, but he looks like a wild boar so I don't consider him a potential love interest.


This interview has a different purpose.

We decided to have a last piece on the programme at the year-end party.

I think Marie was right.


He can no longer wait.


Tell them I said hi.

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I'm not sure who has my suitcases.

She smiled at me, whilst she sang.

I want to check something.

A hero lies within you.

Don't go in that room.


We just have to be more aggressive.

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I heard my name called in the cafeteria.

Do me a favor.

I guess it's true.

Come over here!

Thanks, bud!


There's plenty time for one more nap.


I never actually saw Mehrdad and John fighting.

I am not going anywhere on Sunday.

Clyde made a lot of money.

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It is imperative for you to act at once.

Lance won't tell me what he wants to do.

Joe looked sad yesterday?

I'm in partial agreement with you.

What the devil can you do with this?

I was wrongfully punished.

Johan only eats white meat.

I had my leg hurt while playing football.

I'll have Liber mow your lawn for you.

This is the village where he was born.

Willie just sat there, staring out the window.


I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

If they hadn't found the vase, John would have been accused of stealing it.

It is a pity that you can not come.

That's impressive.

Thank you, Goddess, mother of the earth, for calling me again into the world.

The accident occurred before his very eyes.

When I got home, I found I had lost my wallet.


Why didn't you just kiss him?

Dan strangled Linda with a pillow case.

Piotr decided to ask for Hy's help.


We were forced to change our tactics.

Don't be angry; I was just asking.

Terrence was addicted.

You said you wanted adventure.

Why would Sharada do that?

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I know why you need it.

Shaw is intense.

Serpents have had a bad rap ever since the Garden of Eden.

She calls her younger sister Mina-chan.

More and more people are becoming seriously overweight.

A series of explosions reduced the laboratory to ruins.

She turned pale at the sight.


His nerve staggered me.

You took the words right out of my mouth, pal.

A crowd of people gathered to see the parade.

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Caoimhe has a big dog.


Will you take your hand off me?

I shall have a lamp.

Everything was quiet in the castle's park

Does anybody here trust him?

Speak to me, Kirsten.

He was afraid of making the first move.

You and I are very different from each other.

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He's a smart little feller.


I know that's not why you're here.

I'm sure you mean that.

Maybe I can reason with them.

Ernest probably thought I didn't like him.

He is Scottish by origin.

You can use my car today.

Freud developed the love-hate relationship between parents and child as the Oedipus complex.

Read this passage and translate it into Japanese.

I have a job I have to do.

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Is this information correct?

I marveled at the golfer's skill.

Do your gums bleed?

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Nobody ever wins a lawsuit but the lawyers.

My method of learning new words is simple: every morning I learn five new words. At first I review them before going to bed, then in three days, then in a week, in a month, in three months, and finally in six months.

We must all ask ourselves the same question.


It was not until yesterday that I knew her name.

Did you go to see them?

I knew what the problem was.

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I think you've been trying to contact us.


Pilar doesn't know my name.

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Why didn't you just call in sick?

I went to one of the men who seemed to be wise, thinking that there I should test the oracle.

I couldn't be better.

If I'm willing to take the risk, I don't see why you should care whether I do it or not.

If you had to choose between piano and violin, which would you prefer ?

Every morning, she helps her mother make breakfast in the kitchen.

Why are you so insecure?

I was weak.

That's what Paul needs.

You got that totally wrong.

There is no such as a saint, do not try to seem like one.

Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.

She needs a hand.

It sounds very exciting.

How much is the rent per month?

The child cried for the toy.

Louis won't go to the market.


Eileen looked up at the clock.

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She tried to pull a fast one on me.

Shutoku couldn't believe that he'd ever be able to play the guitar.

They are having breakfast at eight this week.


She went through a long and arduous vocational course.

Pierette was impressed by Loren's plan.

One thousand two hundred and fifty-six soldiers destroyed the fortress of Alamut.