Bill, my friend, I know that you loved me, but I could not be yours.

She comes from California.

Jeremy raked up the leaves in the garden.

I can reason with Matt.

It's a popular idea.

They still want it.

She felt she had been tricked into marriage.

You should begin.

This is the only thing I care about.

I have to go there myself.

I'm sure you'll do very well.

I must have lost my key along the way.

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Ritchey should have been eating more vegetables and not as much meat.


I've got responsibilities.

I spent the best times of my life at my grandfather's house.

Rayan told me he'd like to come with us.

I won't waste your time.

I heard that she has a boyfriend, and no it's not Mott.


Who took it?


If you want this job, you must apply for it by tomorrow.

Did you draw this yourself?

I'm so happy for you both.


This carpet is very long.

I tried to avoid conflict.

Are you watching TV today?

It was more than that.

I love him, but he lives in another country.

Astronomers believe the Great Red Spot is caused by a potent hurricane-like storm system in Jupiter's atmosphere.

I wish I had more time to talk to her.

Kimmo reported the murder to the police.

I'm pretty sure Margot hasn't gone home yet.

There's something about Shakil.

The police searched for the stolen computers but they were never recovered.

I'll take that into consideration.

Just to remove any doubt, I no longer live with my parents.

Did they play so badly that they don't even deserve a comment?

You're through here, aren't you?

I have to find a way to make a lot of money.

Why are you sitting on my chair?

I never listened to Renu.

I love all berries, but especially strawberries.

Give up on this one. You're wasting your time.

I was taken by surprise.

Is there a nearby branch of a Japanese bank?

It's going to be weird.


Critics thought little of the play.

I'm good at my job.

They think you killed Gregge and took his money.

Marco certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as rich as he is if he hadn't married Jeany.

She will without a doubt visit England this summer.


I used to play guitar in a club.

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Blake was persuaded, but not me.

Please call Kemal.

Do we have any other choice?

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She's not as tall as him.


He is always laughing.


It's the day of the Lord.


To stand on your own feet means to be independent.


Get in touch with me as soon as you arrive here.

I've arrived.

What is the charge for extra luggage?

I was asked to sit on the platform with the speakers.

Why is the world so cruel to me?


If you don't understand, ask a question.

We yelled at her to be careful.

Becky is looking forward to going to Boston.


I wish I was always being sent abroad on business like he is.


I understand everything you just said.

I want her.

I think you might need some help.

It's an emergency!

Can you guess what I have?

I wasn't able to do that.

You can have anything in this room.


Ramsey and Bobbie think they know everything.


What does Murray do for fun?

Well, excuse me for being an ugly-ass brother.

Animals run.

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Bravely though they fought, they were defeated.

That was the basic idea.

How will you fix it? I mistaken in some way?

I appreciate your problem.

The police found Jon's hideout.

I don't think we should buy this.

That a boy!

The fort was attacked by surprise.


How big a chance is there that Ethan will come?

Brush your hair.

Emmett has two girlfriends who don't know about each other.

May I borrow an umbrella?

You should watch television at a distance.

I didn't want to frighten you.

A driver is deeply attached to his old car.

That may be what happened.

I know you're working part-time.

Don't call me Uncle. You make me feel so old.

Self-publishing may be an attractive option.

Once you begin, you must continue.

Don't you get lonely here?

What should I do in the meantime?

They can't fire you.

Seymour installed a surveillance camera.

This is the first time I've ever had a nap in the classroom.


Is it near here?

The discovery surprised me.

Anita is making magazine covers.

Stevan reached for Betty's hand.

Einstein is a very smart parrot.


He is beneath her in rank.

His daughter importuned him to buy the doll.

A statement against social program cuts has been read.


Get her away from me.

Merlin was a wizard.

I negotiated the price with him.

Do you know how Juan got that scar on his chin?

I don't think you'll die today.

Hey, it's snowing.

The teacher praised the boy for his honesty.


Tell Kyung he owes me one.

She was a Christian in life.

I'm not in the mood to go to a party.

He couldn't stop smiling.

Her father nearly caught her having sex with her boyfriend.


We often eat foods which are harmful to our health without knowing it.

It skyrocketed.

I tried not to look disappointed.

He doesn't belong to us.

I really do love it.

A mother's heart always forgives.

I had a kidney stone.


Since he started at eight, he ought to be there by now.

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Stop staring at me.

One should remember that the truth is not decided by the number of people subscribing to it.

The hill was covered in snow.

She makes a boasts of her daughter.

She choked him with her bare hands.

Ti understood immediately.

She wears the same watch as mine.

Do you have a permit?

The weather is fickle.

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I was able to visit several American homes.


The airline sent my suitcase to Boston by mistake.


I wonder who's going to be at the party.

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I just want to let you know that I can't attend this afternoon's meeting.

We're all booked up at 6:00.

Do you love my brother more than me?

Which do you like?

I'll buy you another one.

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Bonnie hasn't called Merat lately.

When did your daughter become an adult?

The convenient thing about this electronic dictionary is that it's easy to carry anywhere.

I wish you wouldn't say those kinds of things about me.

The hair-dressing liquid gave off a strong smell.

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They know who she is.

A grounding-type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong.

May I borrow your dictionary?

Mathematics is that branch of science which you could continue to pursue, even if you were to get up in the morning and notice that the universe had disappeared.

He looked much better this morning than yesterday.

Can you imagine what our life would be like without electricity?

The president of the university addressed the students yesterday.

We must help each other, it's nature's law.

Age is not an accomplishment, and youth is not a sin.

He kept quiet while we were talking.

We can pay you.

You have to know all the circumstances.

You lost your chance.