Today's housewives do nothing but complain of high prices.

We have a serious problem.

Tareq knew Maria didn't love him.

Do not disturb!


Rajesh never told me that he had children.


I don't need a cardiogram.

Harris will be out for the rest of the day.

I don't think that'll happen again.

We need to get rid of that.

Don't help me. I want to do this by myself.

The old man became childish before his death.

That's not how I want things to be.


She's dependent on her husband.

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Rhonda is the little brother I never had.

Those tribes inhabit the desert all year round.

The chief engineer did research hand in hand with his assistant.


My father was already at home when I came back.


I'm not interested in material gain.

The viability of the project needs to be studied.

I'm eating a pineapple.

Hillel was an expert in domestic abuse.

I'd like to work at the cafeteria.

We're working to fix this bug.

The jealousy is starting to darken Simon's mind.

Stop gawking.

This book is Tony's.

I was brought here against my will.

Tell me what the matter is.

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The speaker is from Malaysia.

Vadim says he needs to ask Sheila who's coming with us on the picnic.

He got out his guitar after dinner and played some beautiful Spanish ballads for us.

The command of communication skills in multiple languages is essential to any company providing goods and services on the world market.

What auxilliary materials or machines can presenters use when making a presentation?

It was in this room that we had the meeting last Friday.

Turkeer no longer seems to care.

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Does anyone here think that's a good idea?


They needed you.

He has a large store of food.

Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.


I'm supposed to do that.

Haiti is called "Ayiti" in Haitian Creole.

The bridge is closed to traffic.

Whom are you going to come with?

What do bees eat?

Don't fire them.

It is getting bigger.

Clean up your own mess.

You're definitely the person for the job.

Anthony and Horst are no longer married to each other.

I only care about him.

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All the motels on this road are full.

Everyone saw it.

Just tell me what you want done and I'll do it.

I hope you're not keeping any secrets from me.

I don't think it would take more than 15 minutes to clean your room.

Ozan has a very nice smile.

Six percent home loans represent the industry average now.

I knew better than to ask questions.

Would you like a cookie?

She's nice.

When I am finished with what I am doing, I will come.

Yes, I'm in a hurry.

He is a gentleman among gentlemen.

You are a nice boy.

Celia knows he doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.

There's still no sign of him.

I'm trying very hard not to cry.


It still happens sometimes.

Marcel had so many things he wanted to say to Irving.

It's not too hard.

We suggest April 6 as a date for your visit.

Are you going to buy anything else?

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We were worried that the bullet would lodge in his spine.

Can you watch Varda and Justin?

You risk losing when you want to gain too much.

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I know every word on this page.

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I knew that someone would come.


Do not leave valuable items in the vehicle.

He got full marks in English.

If you tell me your name, I can tell you mine.


He can understand everything they're saying.

I think we can handle it.

The murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.


Whenever you visit him, you will find him playing video games.

Two rival parties are essential to good democratic government.

I'm still dubious.

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Tuesday is Independence Day.

I'm not exactly sure.

Do you use all this stuff?

He turned down her request for a day off.

Let's hope that's the last time that happens.

Why are you in Boston?

My son has an hereditary disease.

Better alone than in bad company.

A computer's electronics are very complex.

As if by magic, it disappeared in an instant.

There is a beautiful girl on the paper.

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She laughed in amusement.

There's nothing wrong with being gay.

I was determined to help her at the risk of my life.

You're depressed, aren't you?

We study the past for the sake of the future.

I'm absolutely livid. Somebody's keyed my car.

Jon seems trustworthy.

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I hope that I've done the right thing.

You should buy her a gift card instead.

Where did the bee sting you?


She was excused attendance at the meeting.


Three of them were Canadian.

Now that he has gone, we miss him very much.

This should be interesting.

Barbara looked in the yellow pages to find a used car dealer.

The bus was totally full.


I feel different today.

I'm so happy we understand each other.

Luis wished he had someone to talk to.


We're a team, not individuals! We need to work as a team.

How many of them survived is not known.

Danny was knifed in a street fight.

Although I graduated many years ago, I'll never forget any of the teachers who taught me.

She hid her ugly face.

Who'll handle this problem?

I haven't yet had time to see about a hotel for the night.

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It's a remarkable opportunity.

This is a high speed train.

Sonny can't turn Nichael down.

Esperanto is written phonetically with an alphabet of 28 letters.

This is a map which will be useful when traveling by car.

Here are the languages I want to learn, in roughly chronological order.

Alf forgave you.

I can't remember the tune of that song.

Attending is important!

If one day you realised that you are good for nothing, what will you do?

They both left together.

Glen told me to get creative.

I'll see them later.

The alternative possibilities were resistance and flight.

He wants to read this book.

I knew you wouldn't pass the test.

The policeman asked if Maria had greeted me with a wave, a hug or a kiss.

Bruno is never coming back, is he?

Here is a present for your birthday.


It's likely Maurice knows Hughes's phone number.


Please give me a hand with my homework.

They regarded him as the ringleader of the murder case.

Fashions of thirty years ago have come back in style.

I thought you might've left town.

He was so interested that he gave it his attention.

I argued her out of going skiing.

Jones, are all these books yours?

Perry didn't come and Jane didn't come either.

Does Aaron drive a station wagon?


Is there anyone else around?

Milner decided to give it one more shot.

Celia doesn't want to be rich.


He is a good friend of yours.


Everyone stared at them.


He wrote a small book on china.

I can't catch up with him.

Have you found what you were looking for?


Please don't smoke cigarettes no matter what.

My daughter visits me now and then.

When was the last time you smoked a cigarette?

I really like this video.

Jim didn't write anything in his notebook.

He kept his eyes fixed on her face.

I'm sure something will turn up.