Where have you been hanging out lately?


Do you have plans for this weekend?


Nici failed to pass the final exam.


He watched with the patient.

I wonder what Butler wanted.

It is bad manners to speak with your mouth full.


The technology is very helpful in daily works of people in all respects.

I was bored and I fell asleep.

I'd like two scoops of ice cream in a cone, please.

Do you have something to add?

I can depend on Gill.

Let's check Emmett's background.

Jussi looked down at the plate of food in front of him.

William took a sip from his coffee mug.

It has happened that people sleeping with the fan on have experienced a freezing of the stomach, as well as a local air pressure stress leading them to feel unwell.


I bought a few eggs and a little milk.


What time does the bus leave?

In fact, the man got angry.

Let's hope Cindy stays healthy.

My house is close to the amenities of a big city.

I'm never going to Boston.

Catherine is obviously shaken.

I don't see a problem with that.


Tell her I'm sorry.


It's gotten dark. Please turn on the light for me.

I suggested that we should go to the movies.

It needs exercise.

Tell her everything.

I'm not one hundred percent convinced that's true.


This is Japan.

Troy is a sociopath.

We have to do something to help Marc.


The rope broke under the strain.

I was alone that night, making noises to trick you, that's all!

Why don't you ask Danny to help?

Ji used to be socially anxious because he couldn't find anyone who would understand and share his devotion to stoats; however, everything changed when he learned to incite passion for stoats in others with the use of just a few carefully designed phrases.

Josh, I'm here.

By summit, do you mean the Group of Eight?

My sister outed me to my parents!

I must study.

His large income makes it possible for him to travel overseas every year.


Your hands are pretty.

Hillary didn't tell me he couldn't speak French.

One of our players scored a goal just five minutes after the match started.

The express train from Paris arrives at ten o'clock.

Where is the duty-free shop?


Elizabeth the second is the queen of England.


We had words again last night, so today we're not speaking.

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Look into the box.

I thought Mat was on our team.

Mick has a date with Kriton Friday evening.


What can we do to stop Takayuki?

Chet wanted Kirsten to be safe.

Do you think Everett got a fair trial?


Take me back to the office.


They all giggled.

The student was punished for cheating.

The escalator quickly stopped.


I'll go to Boston next summer.

Could you tell me how to call this number?

I pay my own way.


The elections this weekend will in some way have an impact on what will be the 2000 elections.

I find striptease frustrating, as it doesn't often culminate in actual sex.

They enjoyed themselves at the party.


If a restaurant has valet parking it's probably pretty expensive.

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He was sitting there for two hours.

Come take a look.

His long sickness ran him into debt.


She sees herself as the center of the universe.

It is sold by the pound.

There are other possibilities with regard to this question and you will find numbers next to the variants.

Can I give you three a lift?

How can something so wrong feel so right?

Connie had better hurry if he wants to get home before dark.

Debbie is hearing something.

I thought it was just a metaphor.

I guess I should say thanks.

You're really a good cook.

Elisabeth didn't expect any help from Jeffie.

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People have more leisure than they have ever had.


She has made up her mind to go to America to study.

I appreciate your support.

I cannot watch this film. I don't like it.

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Never choose a vocation just because it is popular or sounds interesting.

You're in grave danger.

Everyone likes me.

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He stayed as many as ten days.

Lana asked Shari for some help.

He still has no experience for this job.

Let's play volleyball.

Erwin has no chance of winning the race.

You cannot rely on his help.

Kurt doesn't have any friends here in Boston.

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

I'm afraid of you.

Darkness causes many children to be afraid.

No one knows how many people died in that battle.

I've added a tag indicating the author.

Jose muttered the answer to the question asked by the teacher.

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They did not deepen the holes.

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Please get rid of the dead leaves.

Could you write down the address, please?

Please bill me.

2002: President Bush signs the Homeland Security Act and it becomes an official Cabinet agency.

He is so gay.


There was pink mold in that bathroom.


I could tell you that I love you, but I'd be lying.

You don't miss anything, do you?

Let's eat out this evening.

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Have you ever been to America?

Reading books is very interesting.

It was a terrific experience.

It is difficult for me to handle the case.

Diana is unfit for duty.


That might not be Pablo.


Although Raghu is sick, he's swimming.


What I do not know, I also do not think I know.


I had a really bad nightmare last night.

Tyler sat down on his bed to put on his socks.

And the people? What will they say?

I was born the year the war ended.

Do not expose to temperatures above fifty centigrade.

I ran a race with him.

We have to call the police.


I am, and remain, his boyfriend.

Father, I am guilty.

She made it in a total of 19 hours and 55 minutes, which is shorter than the previous record by 10 hours.

Alexis was intrigued by the idea.

Shean learnt even some Turkish in Germany.


Should we tell everybody or not?


Was I supposed to ignore Charles?

Thanks for reading my message.

There was a lot of snow.

We came here to enjoy ourselves.

Are they going to arrest him?

I realized I was dreaming because a female voice coming from nowhere started demeaning me for not realizing I was dreaming, which led me to do a reality check.

Do you really want to learn another language?

Laurent wanted to know if Larry had a boyfriend.

Christian doesn't have that kind of money.

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Spaghetti is high in carbohydrates.


Are we all happy?

That was a complete misunderstanding.

I never thought that about you.


I don't want another job. I want this job.

We're both writers.

If you change your mind, let me know.


Now we're ready to go.


Why don't we see if Win wants to go with us?

The pigeons were all poisoned.

Vickie and Siping went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary.


Shamim was texting his boss to let him know that he'd be late for work when he ran into a woman on a bicycle, fatally injuring her.

They netted a good profit.

I'd like her to meet her.


Hold your horses, young man. You can't enter here unless you have a pass.