Kids School Name Labels

Comes with FREE SMS and email alerts when your lost item is found.

The ONLY Personalized name tags that make it easy and safe for someone that finds your child’s lost item to return it. Without ever revealing your contact details.

Perfect for school, nursery and kids in general.


What’s included?

  • 19 name tags, that stick to any hard surface
  • FREE SMS and email alert when someone finds your lost item
  • Your child’s name printed on each tag
  • A personal and anonymous contact URL printed on each tag.

How it works

1. Pick a character set

Pick your child’s favorite set of Tagkins characters, and personalize them with their name.

2. Link Your Tags

Each set of tags you buy have a contact URL printed on them, unique to you.
The URL is automatically generated and linked to an email and mobile phone of your choice during checkout.

Your personal details are always kept private, unlike other services.

3. Get your lost items back

When someone finds your lost item, they can visit the URL and contact you. Without ever revealing your personal details. You’ll be notified via email and SMS and can arrange to get your lost item back.

Pick your character set!

Pick your favorite set of Tagkins characters from below, personalise it your child’s name and start getting your lost things back!

Tagkins stories

Adam left his tennis racquet at the sports club during sports day with School, but we got it back 2 days later thanks to the Monster Tagkins (and a friendly lady)!


I’ve lost count of the numbers of times Emma has lost her water bottle and I’ve had to buy a new one. This term we’re determined to get it back, it feels good knowing that the Kittens are keeping an eye on it!


I bought the tags for my daughter, but it ended up being me who got rescued when I lost my phone, lucky I saved one tag for myself!