I was definitely surprised.

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Lisa isn't in the apartment, but Suyog is.

The house where I live belongs to my parents.

Did you make dinner?

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Ten million yen will be enough for the project.


I think it's time I left.

Is Joel looking for us?

Per might not know what he's supposed to do.

I don't think it's going to be that simple.

Biologists released some turtles into the sea.


Leslie wants to lose weight.

I like the rain and the snow.

The city took the initiative in the pollution suit.

He stole my purse from me.

Does Blayne ever forget anything?

What church do you attend?

What are the points of interest here?


He did well to accept the offer.

The box wasn't empty.

That belonged to us.

Jane always pretended that she was very rich.

Think about it!

Kriton and I aren't Canadians.

Christofer's family lives in Australia.

What information are you requesting?

Masaru doesn't care for this color.

I have decided that I won't let people get close to me anymore, this means that I will never expect someone to love me, nor will I open my heart to anyone.

When and where did you buy that old clock?

Dan joined Linda's circle of friends.

Amir says I make him nervous.

I made some calls.

No, it can't be!

I don't work on Mondays.

Judging from the look of the sky, it is likely to rain.


The towel is in the bathroom.


I promise you that you'll get a raise after a year.

I recommend that you call your mother.

Did that surprise you?

I'm sure something will work out for you.

How long are you planning on staying?


Fritz got quite a few positive responses.

He signed the check.

I will go to Japanese class tomorrow.


What is reported in the paper is an obvious fact.


Bert and Rainer were speaking loud enough for John to overhear them.

She walked and talked.

Don't you have anything else?

Barbra broke the law.

She ordered three dinners.


Don't worry my child, go to sleep.


What are you up to this weekend?

I asked Leith what had happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

This is by far the best thing we've done so far.

He is as gentle a person as ever lived.

This is too big to easily carry.

I study psychology.

Can someone explain this to me?

Did you happen to be present when the accident happened?

I had to lie to him.

You're imagining things.

That's basic math.

She came running.

Some animals are very active at night.

May I have a glass of milk, please?

Don't you find it interesting?


Time passed rapidly and the work didn't advance at all.


We started talking on Facebook.

You might want to think about this a little bit longer.

This is a beautiful flower.

I like bargaining.

I felt sorry for Arnold.


Ernest doesn't really listen when Gregory is talking to him.


We called you.

I want you to listen to me.

What Juergen says is often irrelevant.

This might take a few minutes.

Just kidding.

That's quite powerful.

She was born in America.

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In daredevil car races, there are moments when the drivers place themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea, trying to take the lead.

The people in the office will never agree.

Sedat asked me who the man standing in front of the statue was.

The leaves of the trees turn yellow in fall.

We were unable to make contact with them until it was too late.

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You used to call me.

And the tea isn't good either.

We can't really do anything until we get permission from Sofia.


Tandy works alone.

Miss Green teaches us music.

I had no trouble finding Alfred's office.

Jimmy wanted Vince to go away.

Just humor me.

Jane has three daughters.

It was not until she finished reading the book that she noticed who had written it.


Be careful with your choice of words.

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He will not stay for more than four days.

Jwahar drinks a lot of water.

I totally agree with that.

She looked askance at him.

I've never seen anything quite like this before.

It was pretty scary.

He blushed at his foolish mistake.


It seems that the children will have to sleep on the floor.

The mountain overshadows a little town below.

The game will be held rain or shine.

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We'll have lived here for two years next April.

The jury has reached a verdict.

She locked herself in the bathroom.

Wendell isn't going to make it on time.

Alvin is in his room.

Don't run.

Will you excuse us for a moment?

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He is not as lazy a student as you think.

We can talk to Brian.

This bus is going to Boston.

Alf inspired me.

Roberta ate by himself.

An ox is captured by the horns, a person is bound by his word.

Let's go somewhere.

This is a historical examination of the birth of his unique architectural style.

Why don't you call Tanya and remind him about the party on Friday?


Stay a little longer.


Emmett had what looked like a gin and tonic in his hand.

Pigeons stay with the same partner for life.

The shops in the street were for the most part closed.

I got what you needed.

I can't do this without them.

Hsuan is very sensitive.

Is this the train station?


Are you flirting with me?

In other words, it takes all sorts of people to make a world.

Billy had things to do.

His temperature is normal.

The job-seeking season is starting earlier each year and it's the mass media that are causing that trend by moving up their job interview schedule.


Ted is wearing John's shoes.

He's always talking like a big shot, but it won't be long before all his faults are exposed.

We haven't finished what we have to do yet.


The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.


You're just idiots.


She refused to admit it.

I almost dropped my cellphone into the pool.

Is that supposed to happen?

That was really important.

When each of the children had been given a portion, they began to quarrel in pairs about whose was larger.


All you have to do is get there on time.

Sandra doesn't want to do this.

When I visited my hometown this summer, I found the city different from what it had been ten years ago.


Could you guys help me?


I believe that the exploitation of the environment is a bad thing.

I'm serious about my job.

The engine will not pull.

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On what account?

I need a better dictionary.

The jobless rate in Japan was 3.4 percent in September 2015.


Shyam politely declined.

Kerry stopped speaking.

His career is on the line.

At last, her dream to be a doctor came true.

Kris's wedding ring was swept down the drain while she was washing her hands.


She's a kind person.


It is very important to master English in short time.