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Taking advantage of the latest software technologies and years of software/web development experience, Adept bots is the fastest and most efficient.

Simple Install

Adept is easy to install with no setup options. Simply click to install.

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Adept bots are available on all major platforms Windows, OS X and Linux.

Task Scheduling

Schedule your tasks to start at a specified time for peace of mind.


We provide the necessary tools required to simplify CAPTCHAs. Giving you the highest chance of making a successful purchase.


Adept bots supports a limitless amount of proxies which your tasks can use when running.


There's no software limit on how many tasks you can run simultaneously.

User Friendly

Our simple user interface design makes it easy for anyone to use successfully.

We are Adept Bots.

We work hard. We continuously produce free updates to improve our bots for our customers.

Continuous Improvements

We are continuously reviewing and analysing the performance of our bots to make improvements where necessary. Our goal is always to increase the success rate of our bots.

Adept Supreme bot is designed for speed, efficiency and accuracy. We understand that Supreme New York products sell out fast, we want to enable you to purchase these limited edition products fast and with minimal manual effort. We have automated the process using some of the best technology available.

Adept Bots are just starting up! We have built a successful Supreme Bot. We are planning and working on our next steps which include building SNKRS and Shopify bots.

We offer two separate packages for Adept Supreme:

  • Lifetime package is a one-off payment for lifetime use. Every update we create will be free and the license key will be valid for every season. These licenses are in limited supply to protect our customers against competing with each other!
  • The Seasonal package is the standard package. It is a season subscription where customers will be required to renew their license for each season. Valid license holders will receive free updates.

After purchasing, you will be emailed with your license key and a download link immediately.

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Increase your chances of buying limited edition products at retail price!

At Adept our bots are made using the latest technology and made to the best standard by our skilled development team. Using any of the Adept Bots does not guarantee a successful purchase but it significantly improves your chances!

Adept Bots makes no claim, ownership, or affiliation with Supreme New York or any of their products.


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  • One-off purchase
  • Short supply
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited tasks

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