You're late.

She is going to Mount Tate.

Who left this mess in the toilet?

I have tried everything.

I need to know something.

What made you think about that?


Something's wrong with the engine.


The temperature is forty below.


Let's play tag.


You have to paint the whole house all by yourself? You sure have your work cut out for you.

I'm in the middle of a staff meeting.

Their offer to buy the house was rejected.

There's something about Wendell that makes her irresistible.

We don't need anything else.

There are various kinds of coffee.

I knew you'd know where to buy that.

She is wrong.

Courtney is on antidepressants.

He was alone in the darkness. There was nobody else, except for a little squirrel hiding behind a tree.

The roses are blooming early this year.

It's an abuse of power.

Yeah, show us your ti..., uh, translations.


I don't even know why I did that.

I agreed to have dinner with him.

You'd love them.

But his friends call him Ken.

He was the one who suggested it.

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Maureen and I usually meet here at 2:30.


Why does reading this sentence make me think of Obama?

Even when you think about it in a very commonsensical way, a life without laughter is gloomy and cold. Furthermore, it is thought to be unhealthy.

I made use of every opportunity to improve my English.

Is the wait worth it?

Geopolitically, it was an unwise move, but the government proceeded with it nevertheless. It soon became clear that this was a terrible mistake.

I haven't seen them in three months.

Pandora never showed up.

You can spend the night if you want to.

She writes with her left hand.


Every year, Hawaii moves ten centimeters closer to Japan.

Did Amy tell you about his past?

The ship touched ground.


We know you're sick.

Marcos doesn't have a cellphone.

I got angry.


Answer the question, Kari.


Skef just wants attention.


I advise you all to get plenty of rest.


The lights aren't on.

Did you get good marks?

I'll be thirty soon.

The room is furnished with two beds.

You can walk, or alternatively, I'll drive you there in my car.


Let them know we're busy.

What's stopping you?

I remember one poem in particular.

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Kiki and Martin make a fine pair.

I want you to take me to you.

I don't want them to get angry.

Betsy is worried.

She was the last woman I expected to see.

I had a lot of fun.

We have an extraordinary design team.

I'm sorry for making you cry.

Whatever you're doing, starting off on the right foot is essential.


I'm going to work with him.

If you want to ask a question, please put your hand up.

Does Eddy know who I am?


Common sense tells us, however, that there is no easy solution.

I think all of us are concerned.

Stacey came into the living room, not wearing any pants.


The forward kicked a goal.

These batteries are dead.

She lives in this neighborhood.


List shot himself while he was cleaning a gun that he thought was unloaded.

Gabriel was obviously happy.

The ring is ringing.

How did I know?!

What's this noise?


I will explain it to you after.

Kyu's dog left muddy paw prints all over his new carpet.

You cannot rely upon Jim's words since he tries to please everybody.

The book was written in a hurry, so it is riddled with errors

Are there French speakers in Canada?

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Meet me at my office.


Izchak couldn't wait to get back home.

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Unfortunately I hardly speak any German.

Gema's grandmother always tells her granddaughter that she's going to be left on the shelf when the latter tells her that she's waiting for Mr. Right.

Don't talk to him while he's studying.

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At that time I really understood that gorillas have feelings.

I'm not dating him.

Hohn peeled the potatoes.

Let's be careful not to catch a cold.

I got the information from him directly.

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I'm praying.

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His progress in class is encouraging.

Helen says that he was born in Boston.

Roxane never listens to me.

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My eyes are filled with tears when I think about our beloved elderly, who dedicated their whole lives to their children, and now find themselves alone and sorrowful in an empty nest.

She didn't come before two.

It looked too simple.


No questions were asked.

Drop by and bring all your friends!

He walked along the street.

He has an ambition to make a name for himself as a writer.

Vote for us!

We sleep seven hours a night on average.

I have a question to pose you.

Page has agreed to help us.

How about you take off your coat?

Srikanth has stopped smoking.

I don't know, but I'm going to find out.


She's quite wealthy.

Some of them are too much to bear.

Sridharan had intended to buy flowers for Beth, but he forgot to.

Ernie boiled the eggs.

They don't trust me.


I couldn't do that either.


The public accounts committee caucused privately to write their final report, which had to remain confidential until it was formally tabled in parliament.


Sandeep couldn't remember who he'd lent his umbrella to.

I must cook breakfast for her.

I don't work for her.


I think Stacey is very attractive.

What do you usually do?

There is nothing like a glass of beer after a whole day's work.

We need to collect more data.

Carlos Morel was the first Argentine painter.

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.

You have to get up.


What are your favorite consonants?


Tony speaks English as well as you do.

"The sea?" asked Elsa, staring; "what is that? I've never heard of such a thing!"

Everyone is welcome to come.

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Jim stayed with us while he was in Japan as an exchange student.


Everything's going to be OK.


Sanford doesn't know the difference between a mule and a donkey.

I want you to know that.

You're overworked.

The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately. One step above the sublime makes the ridiculous, and one step above the ridiculous makes the sublime again.

Sassan received the award posthumously.

Donovan knows where this is heading.

What a sad commentary!

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He made a gesture with his hand.

They do nothing but cry.

Which hat is yours?

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Stop spending my money.

Kemal always eats well.

You can take my word for it.

This is my favorite song.

He's carrying an umbrella because it's raining.

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What are your plans for the weekend?

As for incomplete sentences...

Truth is not a popularity contest.


Enjoy it while it lasts.


A whale is no more a fish than a horse is.

What do you believe of "pelmeni"? No, I don't know such word.

He sells radios.

He wears his hair long.

He was asked to give her some money.