Hi, I'm Igor Lukanin.

I lead the developer relations at Kontur — a B2B and B2G software company of 1000+ engineers making products for 2 million businesses. I help developers to share their experience via conferences, meetups, hackathons, contests, open source projects, publications, podcasts, etc. I direct the DevRel team and collaborate with colleagues to build the necessary infrastructure and culture in the engineering organization.

Also, I evolve the engineering bootcamp at Kontur and onboard new developers.

I strive to make everyone's life better through my pet projects. Used to be a product manager, took interest in product marketing.

I'm addicted to motion pictures. I've watched 83 movies this year.

I'm interested in space exploration. So far I've been to two spaceports: Kennedy Space Center and Baikonur.

I helped my friends to create the Mindful Month mailing list which teaches to live a calm and happy life.

Feel free to drop me a line for any reason. For instance, if you'd like me to give a talk at your event.