Most people find public speaking stressful.

We sail tomorrow.

This is a flag.

Jamie put his things into a box.

You made a mistake when you invited him.


Jef wants you to get here ASAP.


The paper is white; the snow is also white. The paper and the snow are white.


Have some respect.

A noise aroused me from my sleep.

We try to help everyone we can.

The announcer spoke English.

Jordan can be very scary sometimes.

How do you know so much about this?

We began to laugh when he told the joke.


She had achieved her objective.


He has written five books so far.

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We received the order yesterday, but haven't filled it yet.


Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.

That's the arrangement.

Laurence was sleeping soundly on the couch.


She doesn't like me.

It won't come to you if you close your eyes.

He is willing enough.

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Sorry, I complained a lot.

We sat round the fire.

Liisa had forgotten to turn off the light.

I am apprehensive of the outcome.

You beat him.

We have been using this insecticide for two years.

Trust me on this one, Leigh.

I don't cry when I am sad.

Nobody wanted to come to my country.

I have wrapped these glasses so that they will not break.

The grooms tend to the horses.

He had no choice but to run away.

This is my latest review.

She committed suicide by hanging herself.

What is the difference between a German optimist and a German pessimist? The optimist learns English; the pessimist learns Russian.

I cannot understand what happened.

Will you make coffee for me?

The doctor said that he would be well if he took his medicine.

Why do you want to buy this book?

This place has more frogs than residents.

Marrakesh is hotter than Paris.

Anatoly eats like a horse.

What happened to you?


He often complains that he has a toothache.

I never heard from her again.

The school is closed during summer.

He has made them all proud.

Are you eating lunch?

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Her sewing basket, dresser drawers and pantry shelves are all systematically arranged in apple-pie order.

I made copies of that book here in the stationary.

What I know of Norwegian I have learned on my own.

I didn't know you had a brother.

The experts were satisfied with the results.


He was beaten into submission.

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He will end the work by tomorrow.

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The tip of the spear was dipped in a deadly poison.

His lectures are very long.

He graduated from Harvard.

He looks pale. He must have drunk too much last night.

You should be getting dressed.

It was foolish of him to do such a thing.

Imogen of the Internet looks rather svelte after six hours of Photoshop.

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We decided to give it a go.

Who found him?

Shyam is a slowpoke.


What're you doing now?

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My dad bought me books.

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Have you ever heated the dinner?

What's gotten into you anyway?

You will have to go to the dentist's tomorrow.


I will be able to see you next year.


I just want everybody to live.

Hey, I don't like this any better than you do.

We need to make a slight detour.

It was an exciting story and he told it well.

There's been quite a jump in the temperature.

I'll read you the poem I wrote just now.

He lives in a house far from the village.

I see someone waving a white flag.

In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl, with bare head and naked feet, roamed through the streets.

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Just tell me what happened.


Please use the north entrance.

I thought the police were looking for Gerard.

The police detective carefully collected samples for DNA testing.

I should've asked Loren to help.

The chairperson cut me short.

You're not an expert at this job any more than I am.

We had no customers, so we shut the shop early.

We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.

He didn't press her.

Are you sure you remember everything?

It's out of my hands.


Why the big hurry?

What do we know about them?

Do you have the time to run over the draft of my speech, Ken?


Rajeev, tell me the truth.

I got back from Scotland last night.

I can't complain about that.

Do you have something to hide?

He won a free trip to Tunis.

The ocean is great at sucking up CO2 from the air. It absorbs about one-quarter of the CO2 that we humans create when we burn fossil fuels.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is also known as Japan's Lady Gaga.

Benjamin laughed at Saify's jokes.

Our conscience is the witness to our most secret crimes.

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She left here right away.

Breathe, damn you!

For everything you gain, you lose something else.


The Lockheed scandal is a worldwide corruption scandal involving the major American plane manufacturer Lockheed. It came to light in February 1976 and revolved mainly around the acceptance of passenger plane contracts.


We're at home.

We need more doctors like you.

"How's the trouble and strife?" is an example of a sentence using Cockney rhyming slang. It means "How's your wife?"


Put all your waste paper in this basket.

Picasso is considered the greatest painter of the twentieth century.

Students study in school.

We'll do what we can.

Is there the subtitled version?

A red dress looks good on her.

It's not easy to figure out the cost.

She is going to have a baby this month.

Laurel is playing fetch with his dog.

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I really appreciate everything you've done for us.


The heads of 16 city councils met at the state capitol.

I'm never so happy as when I'm in my garden.

I'm just as capable as anyone else.


I did some checking.

The police told us the bridge was out.

I suppose that's it.

Metaphors are used in everyday life.

Just tell me what's going on.


Hwa should be ready.

It can't possibly be true.

Nick escaped from the castle, disguised as a woman.

Are you sorry for what happened last night?

The room didn't have a single window.


I found a lost cat for which its owner had been searching.

I like strawberry ice cream.

Give the money to my son.

We're definitely buying that house.

This town is so depressing.

Is that why they died?

I've learned a lot of French by watching movies in French.

Due to the friction generated between a meteor and the atmospheric gases, most meteors burn up before hitting Earth's surface as a meteorite.

What's the matter with them?

He is worthy to be captain of our team.

No one wants to listen to my opinions.

Fay was unflappable.

When was the last time you had an accident?


The ship will set sail for Hong Kong tomorrow at 3 p.m.

He suddenly fell ill.

Cameras don't tend to capture reality.

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I'm being harassed by Varda.


My briefcase is full of papers.


You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

I've nothing to do today.

What disturbed me the most was the noise.

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I don't want to hold you back.

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Izen moved back to the shadows, hiding behind the throne once more.