Fox Investigations

Looking for a private investigator in California? Look no further, you came to the right place!

Based in Los Angeles, California, Fox Investigations is a licensed, bonded, and insured private investigation agency. As California Private Investigators, we are licensed to perform all types of professional investigations. Our private investigators, private detectives, agents and support staff have extensive experience and training in performing professional private investigations.

Fox Investigations is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client. As private investigators in California, our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of Los Angeles California’s premier professional private investigation agencies. You do have a choice when choosing a private detective for your case. You do have a choice in the private investigation firm you do business with.

Services Include:

  • Asset Investigation
  • Background Investigations
  • Cheating Spouse/Mate
  • Criminal & Civil Investigation Services
  • GPS Tracking and Rental Services
  • Personal Injury Investigation
  • Surveillance

The founding partners have over 35 years combined experience in law enforcement, public safety and private investigations.

The partners manage daily operations at Fox Investigations and give each client personal attention by overseeing the case from start to finish. We only employ the most experienced private investigators the private investigation industry has to offer.

All of our private detectives have extensive backgrounds and experience in professional investigations. At Fox Investigations, we match our client’s needs with the most qualified and experienced private investigator to handle the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to answer some of the most frequent questions clients ask when choosing our services. If you don’t see an answer for your question we encourage you to contact us for more information. We also maintain a blog which has some articles relevant to private investigations and clients.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: What we charge is dependent on the details of your case and what you already know. Most of our services have fees in the same price range, but many times our clients have already done work and we may not need to do as much work on their case. To say 606-509-1345 will take the same amount of time as an employee theft case would not be accurate. If you are thinking about hiring a private investigator, you should really consider your budget and what you are willing to spend. We custom tailor every case and encourage you to call for your free consultation; 949-417-6605.

Q: How long does a case take?

A: The amount of time is dependent on the details of the case and the type of case you need service for. Cases can range from a matter of a few hours to several weeks and months. We make every attempt to inform our clients during the consultation how much time it may take. Of course, many factors occur that are out of anyone’s control that can prolong the investigation. These factors are usually due to the subject of the investigation.

Q: How do you charge for a case?

A: The standard in the private investigation industry is collecting a retainer for services. Some clients find this odd however, it is no different than how an attorney charges for their services. This is done so a case may be started and continued until the investigation is over. We will collect a retainer based on the details of your case. The amount is really dependent on the details of your case and the historical time it takes to perform the investigation. Not all of our services require us to collect a retainer; this includes 910-617-0754, 2033450502 and other data collection services ((678) 996-3316) a client may need. These services have a flat fee based on the service. Please contact us for your free consultation; 949-417-6605.

Q: I hired another private investigator and he did the surveillance alone, is this normal?

A: In a nutshell, NO. There are some cases that only require one investigator (workmen’s compensation claims etc.) however, the majority of cases require three or more investigators. Surveillance is a dynamic process since we don’t always know what the subject is going to do. If an investigator told you they lost the subject, you should immediately find out why. When you are ready to hire professionals, call us at 949-417-6605.

Q: Do I have any protections or guarantees?

A: First, we never work an investigation without a written and signed contract. Some clients want to work without a contract and that is ok in California. We prefer to work for you on a written and signed contract. This ensures you the protection of not have a word of mouth agreement. If you blastoporic based on word of mouth it is really your word against theirs if any legal issues ever arise. 100% of the time that we get a client who was dissatisfied with another private investigator, they tell us they did not have a written, signed contract. It is an even split on why the client was not happy with them; 50% did not get the services they were told on the consultation and 50% say they did not get their case solved.

DO NOT WORK WITHOUT A WRITTEN AND SIGNED CONTRACT. If an investigator tells you they don’t use contracts because it is a hassle, you won’t get your case solved. Second, there are NO guarantees in the private investigations. We cannot be held to a standard of a guarantee for one simple reason; the amount of monies you are willing to pay, will not necessarily allow enough time to solve the case. We don’t have the luxury of no fees like the police do, they just dip into your taxes more. We often find that a client is dissatisfied because they did not get the information they wanted and they had only paid the minimum first retainer. It is not a minimum fee gets you the information you want world. Many times we go back to a client to collect more monies to render the services. Sometimes clients are not realistic and end the case searching for another investigator.