She wasn't a bit impatient.


I can't say I'm surprised.

It is said that she is a good cook.

He wandered about the country.

I found a nice tie for him.

Shahid is actually very particular.

The experts were amazed, too.

I took it for granted that he would pass the exam.

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I happen to like it here.

No one's frightened of playing it.

You really seem to like beer.

Wow, that's cool.

He does not watch TV at all.

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Take this chair to the meeting room.


One of those people may be her.

Dana was afraid that his father would find out what he had done.

I guess I felt like eating something different.


You got off to a slow start, but you finished up strong.

We'll be working.

Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.

I really want you to meet him.

You're never here.

I can't believe Skef is really planning on doing this.

I've been dying to meet you.


I'm seeing them tonight.

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You're always there for me, so if you're ever in dire straits, just let me know and I'll come running.

Success is always on the side of the persevering.

This is the first time I've ever slept in the street.

I walk my dog along the river every morning.

I kept my end of the bargain.

I'm successful.

This is only known by Obama.

Haven't we met before?

That used to belong to me.

They were rich as well as happy.

They counted on monotonously to fifty.

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Can you help me with my French?


I think granola bars are healthy.

Where is the ladies' room? I want to wash my hands.

Ricky just sat around and did nothing.

I'm staying at my aunt's.

As soon as you leave the station, turn left.

I can speak to Tareq.

I gave Jerry a blanket.

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I'm not interested in your excuses.

Do you think Dave is weak?

What's the number of the taxi company "Dazhong"?

My mom works in a factory.

This is the second time Boyd has been here this week.

That's odd.

I wonder what they're planning.


We will continue the meeting after some light refreshments.

Why don't you do what Victor asked you?

Who bought you this?

It's extremely dangerous.

I will not forget you.

Our dinner today will be very simple: bread, goat cheese, figs and wine.

Will it help to say that?

Nothing's ever going to change.

Seth is helping her.

It's not just a theory.

She displayed her talents.

Joseph has already turned in his report.

I got the secret out of Mr Yoshida.

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I tried twice, but neither try worked.

He did not know where to go.

It's unclear how long Mongo wants us to stay.

Some religious people can be very judgy.

Parents were invited to attend.

She puts the boys to sleep.

That's what we do here.

Now, please leave me alone.

I didn't want to spend any more time than necessary cooking for my family.

I don't want to tell my parents.

Why didn't you tell William you were in pain?


Moreover, when viewed from the side, the front teeth are protruding.


Vladimir doesn't know how to pronounce my name properly.


I hope they find Marek.

All of us have some interest in history. In a sense, we are all historians.

You don't have to read the whole thing from beginning to end.

Where in Austria did you grow up?

The street was full of advertisements.

It will have stopped raining by the time he comes back.

I don't trust myself.

That doesn't happen around here.

We should operate immediately.

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Will you please shut the door?


What a cool picture!

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Cris doesn't know the difference between wine and champagne.

I had one advantage.

I give you my supreme word of honor.


I have no reason to be angry.

It's unlikely Jess will be here on time.

Trees are alive.


Don't get distracted!

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She wasn't ready to return to her hometown.

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Try these shoes on and see if they fit you.

The boy likes to walk to town.

Edmund may not be as busy as he seems.


My fate is in your hands.

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What did you want to talk about?

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Philip has never done that.

This is the best country in the world.

You look fat.


He said it, and what was more surprising, he did it himself.

I slept the rest of the day.

I wanted to talk to you about your grades.

The street lights went on.

He inspired me with confidence.


The game will probably be called off.

Since I was really tired I went to sleep early.

The house got painted.

The whole government has resigned.

I think I'd like to visit Boston someday.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

You used to have a crush on me, didn't you?

I would like to live in a castle.

His sarcasm galls me.

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Kevyn gave me a tour of his house.

It's pretty clear.

Win often rings the radio station to give his opinion on the talk-back segment.


His injury incapacitated him for work.

He is an Irishman by origin.

That statement is incorrect.

Hurry up, girls, you're going to be late.

Every march is composed of discrete steps.


She must have known that she had a cancer.


I ineffectively tried to win her heart back.

How much does it cost to get a haircut nowadays?

Saturn has a lot of moons.

I don't believe you, regardless what you say.

I also like perfume tea.


How beautiful the world is!

Jacques is lying on the sofa watching TV.

Let me get you a brandy.

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Let me go alone.

The prediction was falsified by the result.

Get in the boat.

Can't you help me just a little bit?

They have rights, too.

A friend sent the fruit as a gift.

She sliced a tomato up.

I am wriggling like a snake.

Does Toerless often come here?

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Russians know everything about bears.

She was pleased to see the results.

At what age do children leave school?


Cheer up! Things are not as bad as you think.

I am not interested.

They won't know.

She came into the room.

If it rains tomorrow, there will be no excursion.


They arrived separately.

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He is busy preparing for an examination.

He is constantly staring at you. He surely loves you.

The old teacher began to talk about the good old days.

That came in very handy, didn't it?

I don't want Claudio to get the wrong impression.

It's hot in here.

Wear what clothes you want.

I just made it up.

Not all were satisfied.