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January 16, 2022

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Do It Yourself Headlight Restoration

If you’ve got yellow, faded, foggy, oxidized headlights, you’ll restore them yourself. DIY headlight restoration is time consuming, tiring, and you’ll not reap the standard results and benefits of knowledgeable Headlight Restoration. Lastly, DIY (do it yourself) headlight restoration’s will only last about 3 months. Professional Headlight Restoration can last for years to return . Do not waste your money on Headlight Restoration Kits. Follow the below instructions if you would like to DIY (do it yourself). The following supplies are going to be required: Note: If you opt to use a handheld drill you’ll need 3″ sand paper and a 3″ buffer pad. make certain to not sand within the same area for long periods of your time otherwise you will damage your headlight lenses. Wet sanding isn’t required. Wet sanding won’t offer you better results. 320 grit sand paper 600 grit sand paper 1500 grit sand paper 3000 grit sand paper 4000 grit sand paper (optional) painter’s tape bottle of spray water Industrial strength degreaser cleaner car wax (plastic protectant) clean rags drill w/attachments (optional) buffer pad for drill (optional) dust mask Step 1 Clean the whole surface of your headlights with industrial strength cleaner/degreaser. Tape off the […] read more
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Car Removal Service

Austick Car Removal is an expert in buying all makes and models of cars, no matter what their age or condition, running or not. We can come to your place, pay you the exact quoted amount and will tow your car away in minutes. We also complete all the paperwork so no hassles for you at all. Our car removal service is free, and there are no hidden costs or charges. Call 0469 361 836 now or submit an “online request” at to get a free quote. As the number one car buyer in Sydney, you can be confident that you’ll get the most cash with a free tow vehicle. We guarantee fast, efficient and reliable service and are recommended by all our customers. We are a licensed car buyer and are registered with Service NSW. This makes it easy to cancel your car license and number plate. Going green with your Car Disposal keeps the environment green. We are one of the industry’s best dismantlers and car recyclers adopting environment-friendly methods for recycling old vehicle parts. We implement a cutting-edge disposal system that helps us in quick dismantling of scrap vehicles of all makes and models. Our system […] read more
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