At Foodzilla, our mission is to advance the human nutrition industry and we’re laser-focused on solving problems in this space. Here are some of these problems: Nutrition coaching is hard. We want to make coaching and education easy for both regular folks and health professionals. Nutrition data is scattered everywhere. We want to index the world’s nutrition data into one search box. Think of how Google indexes the web, we’re doing that for nutrition. Imagine being able to see and understand nutrition data for ingredients and foods from all over the world instantly. While Google provides access to USDA data, what about other countries and foods from different regions? Developing a meal plan is time-consuming. We reduce the time to develop a recipe and a meal plan by an order of magnitude (10x faster). As a professional, it means you spend way less time developing these meal plans and therefore increasing your revenue by taking on more clients, helping other businesses or just taking more time off. Nutrition tracking is tedious and not fun. We use AI to make nutrition tracking quick, easy, and fun.   If we successfully solve the above problems, we believe we can:   – Reduce the […] read more