CPR- telephone Repair may be a business opportunity that permits you to start out a franchise for repairing cell phones. Starting a replacement business from scratch isn’t a simple job and for many people, a franchise is usually a neater and a far better option. However, knowing which franchise business opportunity is worth your money and which one should be avoided are often a troublesome task. the entire review that has been provided here will make it easier for you to make a decision . The CPR- telephone Repair Business review here will offer you all the essential information necessary for you to form an informed decision.

CPR- telephone Repair Business Review

CPR is one among the foremost reputed, documented and oldest brand within the industry of mobile repairs. Almost every single person today owns a mobile and these cell phones break down quite easily. The industry of mobile repairs is here to remain for an extended time since the utilization of cell phones is increasing at a rapid pace. this is often an honest business opportunity for anyone who wishes to tap into the lucrative market that gives an honest earning potential. Starting a franchise of CPR is certainly an choice to be considered. The market remains in its early growth stage and it’ll still take several years for it to saturate. As a franchise, you’d be providing complete repair services with a respected and trusted name . you’ll even be receiving complete support and training from the corporate .

CPR- telephone Repair Business Review- Operations, Support and Training

Before you create any decisions, it might be necessary for you to think about other important factors like support, training and operations. you’d require around 2 to 4 employees so as to run the franchise. The training would be provided at your location for a period of 4 weeks. you’ll also receive support through webinars and phone. the corporate also has extended protocols for training for the franchisees. As a part of its ongoing support, the corporate updates its members about the newest within the industry through internet, webinars, phone support, forum and newsletters. It also provides support within the sort of part solutions, purchasing cooperatives, field evaluations and operations, safety and security procedures and a grand opening.

Cost for Starting the Franchise

In order to qualify for the franchise, you’ll be required to possess a net worth of $100K and will have $50 to $85K of money liquidity. you’d even be required to possess some amount of experience and basic customer service and computer skills. The franchise fee for this business opportunity is $25K and there’s an ongoing royalty fee of 8%. you’ll even have to pay 2% towards the National Marketing Fund.

The stringent requirements that you simply will need to qualify for, the high royalty rate of 8% and therefore the cash liquidity required so as to start out this business isn’t really affordable for everybody . most of the people who would be considering starting a franchise wouldn’t really have a net worth of $100K. the extra 2% that has got to be paid annually towards the National Marketing Fund also can cause a significant dent in your pocket.

To conclude this CPR- telephone Repair Business Review, it are often said that although this business opportunity does offer several good benefits and features a good demand nationally, the qualification requirements are quite stringent. The high royalty fee and therefore the investment needed also are quite high so might want to think about these points before you create a firm decision.

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