The bamboo-fusion therapy method is the newest and most popular spa treatment that has be introduced to the market in recent the last few years! It’s simple to use and the training for massage therapy can be easily provided in your facility to reduce travel costs for your staff members and keep costs at an absolute low.Kiropraktor København (chiropractor copenhagen)

Classes in massage therapy are easily accessible across the nation, focusing on the warm and soothing bamboo. Bamboo-fusion is featured on the most prestigious magazines for spas and trade publications, which makes massage classes for bamboo massages popular.

Nathalie Cecilia, originally from Nimes, South France is the source original of Nimes, South France is the original source in United States for a brand new spa treatment she refers to as Bamboo-fusion. The treatment is trademarked and in the spotlight by spas with luxury and is increasing in demand. Mrs. Cecilia uses bamboo pieces cut into various shapes and sizes to create extension of her hands in the massage. Also, she “warms” with the bamboo in order to let the bamboo pieces be absorbed and relax muscles more quickly.

The first time she was exposed to this type of massage while participating in an appointment for massage in which the client was constantly requesting “deeper tension” on his trapezius upper (shoulders). At just over 5′ tall and just 100 pounds, Nathalie began to experience hand pain after just 2 months of practicing traditional massage. As an Thai massage therapist, Nathalie often performed back walking using bamboo poles that measure six feet long to aid in balance. “As I worked with this man who was in a sitting posture, my eye were drawn to the bamboo poles I was using to balance myself when walking back. I thought of attempting to utilize one of them for tapping his upper trapezius. So I stood around six feet from himand began tapotement on his shoulders using this long stick and he told me that it felt great!”

The small, repetitive movements made by massage professionals doing traditional massage may cause repetitive injuries like carpel tunnel. The Bamboo-fusion massage technique Bamboo tools, bamboo allows masseuses to quickly deal with pressure-related requests. Madame. Cecilia explains that she has observed that after just a few bamboo massages clients’ skin will actually get more flexible.

In 2004, just a few months after she became a massage therapist in 2004, Ms. Cecilia began using bamboo and rattan instruments to give a smooth Swedish kind of massage. Imagine a professional massage therapist using heated bamboo to ease knots and tension in your body. These tools, which are handcrafted, are designed to ensure that even the tiniest practitioner can deliver a successful deep massaging that is comfortable to apply to their hands, body and wrists. This environmentally sound and sustainable product is made today by skilled woodworkers. However, the time that Ms. Cecilia first began bamboo massage, she actually designed the pieces by hand.

The bamboo tools she uses have been evolving over the past couple of years, and are constructed from the highest quality bamboo, which is then pressed into various sizes and shapes to fit her bamboo-fusion massage routine. Bamboo tool sets are designed to provide all-body massage can hold the heat well and are comfortable for therapists to utilize. Apart from making bamboo tools that are available commercially She also provides massage therapy classes for massage therapists who are not her. The massage therapy training she offers to provide top-quality professional massage therapy is well-received by high-end spas which require special treatments to their customers.

“There is a wonderful quality to the material. both the client and you feel energized and refreshed and relaxed.” The technique she uses is cream or oil for massage for an entire body massage on a person. Bamboo sticks that are shorter can be used to treat smaller areas like those around the scapula. The sixteen” bamboo stick can be employed to massage the muscles and perform an “criss-cross” technique that stretch the fascia throughout.

In contrast to massages with warm stones it is easy to heat without the aid of roaster or crockpot. With the heating apparatus she employs the bamboo remains warm (which naturally, the clients appreciate) and there’s very little cleanup between sessions. In the bamboo-fusion massage classes, we will also provide ideas for incorporating the use of some hot stones in the treatment for those who wish to combine bamboo and stones.

Therapists and clients constantly look for new methods to massage therapy Bamboo is at the top of the field, providing the most fundamental solution. Bamboo is bamboo, a renewable and sustainable material that takes us back with the past allows for our current requirement of deep-tissue massages to be met. Nathalie is the original pioneer of bamboo massage, and is an innovator in the bodywork and massage business. The training for massage therapy in bamboo massage is ideal for massage therapists who are experienced or those who are in school or new to the profession. Classes in massage therapy instruction using bamboo massage are available virtually everywhere. Bamboo sets are lightweight and simple to carry which makes the massage classes easily portable.

Many Asian countries regard bamboo with a lot of respect since it plays a major part in supplying food and shelter for them. It is commonplace in bamboo that it is utilized to make surgical and musical instruments and furniture, food utensils and storage baskets among many other applications.

Bamboo is a bio-renewable (sustainable) resource with over 1500 species that are native to the majority of Asian countries as well as South as well as Central America. Bamboo is a popular resource for the Chinese and Japanese have been using bamboo since the beginning of time but it is only recently becoming a mainstay in American tradition.

The United States, bamboo is mostly symbolic, and is growing in popularity because bamboo is a renewable resource. Bamboo is also attractive and is thought of as “lucky” by a lot of people who own bamboo stems, which are typically set in a vase. Many luxurious resorts and spas are embellishing with bamboo as furniture, flooring and art. Linens and clothing made from bamboo fibres are also well-known. The top resorts and spas go one step further by incorporating bamboo into their menus for spas as part of an exotic treatment that is luxurious. The course in massage therapy includes all aspects of the treatment, from beginning of the massage therapy training to writing an explanation for the menu of your spa.