The Securities and Exchange Commission office and The Commodity Futures Trading Commission office have advised the investors to watch carefully the potential risk and gains involved in the investment. The authorities state that the speculative Bitcoin market along with the potential scams are underlying in the countries. Also, the Federal Trade Commission has reported more than 2.1 million frauds in 2020. Here, Imposter frauds remain the most common type of scam, where the consumers reported more than $3.3 billion in the same year. Luckily, the victims now can fight for their lost funds and regain them.

Online Fund Recovery Community for the Victims – 

Where the scams are taking a toll not only in the investment markets but also in all the digital platforms, Scam Victims Help comes forward to help the victims of the frauds. The sole intention of the Scam Victims Help is to intimate the investors that forex scam recovery is possible and guiding them in the best possible way with their expert solutions. Rammy Gillespy, a spokesperson of Scam Victims Help states ” The scammers have no right over your money and they absolutely shouldn’t be enjoying the benefits of it. We understand what happens when a fraud broker makes you a victim and so, we are here with our team of experts to support you. We guide you in the fund recovery process from the scams including Forex Scams, Cryptocurrency Scams, Bitcoin Scams, Romance Scams, Investment Scams, and other types of Scams. Along with the guidance we present you with detailed reviews of the brokers and the latest information on the scam brokers through our constant blogs and articles”. 

Popular Scams Taking Place –

Scams are present everywhere and do not discriminate between new and experienced users. Anybody can fall victim to a scam without even realizing it. The scams involve the use of unethical practices and the result of which is born by the users in the form of personal and financial loss.

Some of the common scams of 2021 are –

Investment Scams – Investment scams promise you higher payouts in low investment in a short duration of time. As the market is volatile and can change anytime, no firm can guarantee the amount of profit earned. Hence, these promises are the major red flag to identify the scam and to avoid them.

Forex Scams – These scams are the most common as the popularity of the trade market is increasing every day. The new and new people are curious to make use of this opportunity to gain profits. But, with the increased popularity, the opportunity of scammers to steal your funds is also high. 

Cryptocurrency Scams – These scams offer unrealistic returns on your investment with the means of creating imposter websites. Spam emails and fake mobile apps are also used to target the victim and pretend to be a genuine investment platform. Hence, the users here need to move forward with caution.

Romance Scams – Online dating platforms have gained a large momentum, especially amongst youngsters. Pretending to be the best match, the scammers here exploit the emotions of people and scam them or trick them into sending them money.

Pet Scams – The increasing demand for puppies among the pet lovers results in the scam pet adoption websites with the sole intention of stealing money from innocent people. Here, extreme attention is required while surfing the internet.

Get Fund Recovery Assistance

This online help community, Scam Victims Help with their experienced professionals and fund recovery managers, help the victims in getting a refund. Rammy Gillepsy states that “The experts here are industry professionals with more than a decade of experience in helping scam victims. They understand the situation of victims and behave friendly with them”. He also conveys to the people that recovery from the scam is possible. It is the right of every individual to fight for their money and we encourage the victims to file a complaint to get back the funds.

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