One of the issues that confuses welding entrepreneurs who want to begin their own welding business includes the purchasing of equipment for welding. The options are numerous that it is difficult to decide what to do. It is important not to make a mistake in this regard, because unlike purchasing an automobile or a brand new pair of golf club this choice can be the difference between success or not. Consider for instance What do you think about buying an old or new welding machine? Which is the top brand? gasfjedre  Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hobart? Should you purchase an all-purpose machine such as Miller Shopmaster Miller Shopmaster that is capable of Mig, Tig, flux core as well as stick welding? Do you need to purchase an entirely separate machine for each of these processes? Oxyfuel cutting outfit or plasma cutter? A compressor for air or electric grinders? Do you see what I’m talking about?

This article on beginning a business in welding is purely an opinion piece, but is based on solid knowledge. It is because I own a welding business that I am able to offer my thoughts on how to start a business in welding.

Here’s what I would do in a quick and down to earth nutshell

Avoid multi-process machines such as those of the Miller Shopmaster If you can get the best price on one, and you plan to use it only for one task. Whyis that? It takes too long to switch processes, and the hoses, cables, and torches are simply unmanageable.

If you are looking for your primary Tig welding device, look for the Miller Syncrowave 250 model on Craigslist or eBay. If you’re determined, you will find one that has all the necessary accessories for less than 2000 bones. It’s a bargain.

If you are looking for an Mig welding device, look on eBay or Craigslist for Millermatic 250 or 251. Millermatic 250 , or 251.

Around 1000 dollars is a great price. Anything less is a bargain.

If you’re struggling to find space, a folding welding table, or even two are the ideal solution. They’re strong and can mount them up on the wall to remove them from the way.

You could do with electronic grinders initially, and I would highly recommend acquiring some straight grinders as well as four 1/2-inch angle grinders. plenty of consumables.

If you own a shop and not just a garage inside your home, I suggest the use of an oxyfuel cutting, welding along with a heater. This is a great tool. The size of the cylinders for owners is approximately 175 each , and the torch kit with cart may cost 300. It’s about 700 dollars. But you’ll have to use it.

In actual fact, you require an additional cylinder available for every process. Gas cylinders for welding are available in two types of leased cylinders that are the largest industrial cylinders, or owners’ cylinders. Owners cylinders usually have 150 cubic feet, which is roughly one-third of what is available in large ones. I suggest getting two owners cylinders to cover everything. Why is that? because running out of argon Saturday night when work is due to be completed on Monday morning is not a problem for businesses. A second bottle for owners is not a burden on the cost of your monthly bills and will save you time to get the main cylinder filled.

2 argon, 2 co2/argon 2, 2 acetylene oxygen at around 175 each = 8×175 = 1400

So , here’s the breakdown:

  • Used Miller syncrowave 250-2000
  • Utilized Millermatic 251 or 250
  • 8 Gas Cylinders 1400
  • 4 grinders 2 straight, 2 angle 500
  • Oxyfuel kit 300
  • Miller Spectrum 350 plasma cutter 1400
  • 2 folding tables for welding 300
  • Total 6900

This list can be a good start to begin your yourself a welding company.