If you’re looking to increase length and texture, volume, or color to your hairstyle, then a weave is among the most fashionable methods of doing it. Natural hair weaving can be an excellent option to allow your hair to grow and enjoy a lengthier hairstyle using hair pieces that are sewn by your hair.

There are many ways to create hair weaves. It is possible to sew or stuck. But, a trip to the salon could be costly according to the technique of choice. hair weave

You’ve made the decision to get hair weaves, but you’re not a fan of paying an enormous amount or are a DIY kind of person This is how you can get your natural hairstyle without having to visit the salon. You may require someone to assist you in this endeavor. You will also require hair weaves thread, needle comb as well as a rubber band and, of course, the capacity to tie your hair. 1. Women everywhere wear weaves! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity you can think of.hair bundles with closure

Here are some simple do-it-yourself steps to attach naturally-hair weaves

First, you need to take one small piece of hair on the top of your scalp, and secure it using the rubber band. This hair will be needed to cover your extensions once you’ve finished sewing.

After that make a braid starting from the front of the hairline towards the nape. Make sure that the braids aren’t as long and smooth as they can be to disguise them well. For hair with long lengths, make an individual braid out of the hair remaining and tie the individual braids onto the hair braided using the thread and needle. Once you’re done stitching you can tie the thread to secure it, and then take off what’s left.

After braiding and fixing the ends of natural hair, sew in braids and weaves. Join the weaves one at a time by sewing them in through the weft as well as your braids. The sewing or weaving should start from the nape to at the top of the hairline. Keep in mind that longer length weaves should be first waved, whereas shorter ones should be sewed last. If the weaves you have are in the right length, then shape according to the desired shape cut it off after applying or sewing is completed.

After all of your braids are covered by hair weave, cover it with the help of your hair. Mix it with straightening combs or a flat iron, and you’re done.

It may appear easy, but it could into a laborious task to complete. Sewing and braiding isn’t simple if you’re working on the work yourself. Weavings that look unnatural can be very frustrating particularly after a great deal of effort and time spent in it. Natural weaves are designed to help you feel better and appear better.

Your hair or natural hairstyle is an integral part of your look and requires proper treatment and attention to detail. If you are unsure about your ability to get the appearance you want however, it’s still best to seek out a reputable salon with affordable cost. You could also find a hair weave kit that has user-friendly and simple to follow instructions.

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