The golden time of the fountain pen is typically believed to have begun in the early 1800s, which was when it became the writing instrument of the day throughout World War II when it was mostly replaced with the ballpoint pen.

In the 60-year period , there was a remarkable variety of styles and innovations that were introduced by a variety of makers. A large number of pens that were created in this time are sought-after by collectors because of their style and function.

Even though fountain pens continue to be produced today and are being used as writing tools Vintage pens that are collectible are usually classified as those that were that were made prior to 1965. There are a variety of them of pen types, and collecting vintage pens is a pastime that many people love.

It’s simple to start. There are pen shows of the past that are held across in the United States, mostly near larger cities. When you go to one of these shows, you’ll have the chance to speak with knowledgeable collectors as well as view hundreds of antique pen collections.

You can also visit eBay and buy pen designs that you like. Similar to automobiles there are different pens that have different prices based on the brand, model and state. As you build up your collection in this manner, having a basic understanding regarding the product you’re purchasing is vital.

There are a few pen guides can help you inform yourself and assist in making an informed choice when purchasing an old-fashioned pen. If you’re determined to collect vintage pens for your hobby, then you’ll want to include a few great references to your own collection.

One of the top books for beginners includes Fountain Pens past and Present – The Identification & Value Guideby Paul Erano.

The book is thought by many collectors of vintage pens to be a complete guide on how to find vintage pen. The book is filled with color photographs as well as advertisements for vintage fountain pens. The site has a variety of interesting and useful information. It also discusses how to locate antique pens and then restore the condition of them. It also provides the basics of how to evaluate the value of pens. Of course, the exact values for specific pens fluctuate as time passes. But this book provides an excellent guide for finding the relative worth of various vintage pen models. If you’re looking to collect old pens for an interest, this is a fantastic book to add to your collection.

In addition, with the Internet it is possible to find copies of actual brochures issued by a pen maker to help you find the vintage pen you’re interested in. The original brochures are collector’s items in and of themselves, however you can usually purchase one in PDF format in electronic format that will reveal all the information that you can about the pen you own.

eBay is a great site to search for fountain pen. At any given time, there generally are more than 1000 auctions happening for old pen. When you are competing on auctions on eBay auction, bear your eyes open for the fact that there may be others who are interested in the same pen as you are. They might be prepared even pay more for the pen than what the pen’s value, so to avoid this , you must always conduct your own research to determine the worth of the pen, establish your own limit for the amount you’re willing to pay and adhere to it.

Due to the large number of auctions on eBay and if you’re not able to purchase a specific vintage pen due to you being outbid, it is high that you will see an identical pen to be auctioned soon.

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